Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowed In

There are some major thumbs up for living in a place with frigid winters. You get to sit in front of the fire, drink some hot cocoa, play outside and make snowmen, do donuts in your car in the church parking lot. But, what I’ve come to find is that, the most wonderful of them all is being off of school for 2 days in a row. You always hope that when you look on the news channel that your school will be on the list. In high school, my school was rarely on the list because they knew that everyone lived in, at the most, a 5 mile radius of the school. Dumb small towns.

Anyway, I’ve been really excited! Will and I both had the day off yesterday and enjoyed our time being snowed in together. Well, sort of. You’re never really snowed in persay when you have 4 wheel drive. But, even the monster of a car that we have was slipping and sliding on all the snow today. I guess our biggest concern ended up being all of the rear wheel drivers out there. Yikes. We won’t be pulling our other car out of the garage any time soon.

Here’s some pics from our snow day. I forced Will to take these pictures. Haha, poor guy.








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