Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Whew. The cat's out of the bag. That feels nice.

Big news. I'm pregnant. I wasn't supposed to tell (well that's what people tell me), but then I looked at Will today and said "why are we waiting to tell people again?" -- It's our FIRST (well second on)baby and we are so excited. Too excited to keep it in. Plus, we've had a plethora of people down here asking us if we have any kids and we just want to burst. So, here I am spillin the beans. Oh Laura of little patience.

Here's the details if you want em.
I am still in disbelief. I keep telling Will that I don't think I really am. Ha.

So, last Wednesday I took a home test... to my surprise it was positive. What a weird feeling. Totally didn't expect it. Of course, being the woman I am, I just had to take another one the next morning to make sure. Yep... positive. You guessed it. At this point I was really starting to freak out. Well, first of all I decided to take a test in the first place because I was experiencing some weird symptoms that I had never had before. Ex... chest hurting, feeling nauseous, extremely tired, etc. So, perfect timing right? Right in time for moving. Not cool. So, Thursday I make one last appointment with my doctor (she probably thought I was stalking her because I just saw her a few days before). I tell her I need a blood test done and she got right on that. Friday, we leave to move. I try not to think about it too much because I don't want to get my hopes up.*
*(most people don't know this but I actually had an early miscarriage in I was kinda feeling down)
SO... not even 2 hours into the trip, I get THE call. The first thing my doctor says is, "I have some good news for you" and I responded with "no way!" -- I was in shock. She said that I am definitely pregnant and to see a doctor as soon as possible in Baton Rouge to get my levels checked.
I got right on that. I have an appointment this Tuesday, the 6th, to have my first prenatal appointment (sounds so weird to say that).

SO... since then (it's been about a week now since I found out) I have just been experiencing more and more symptoms as the days go on. Will prays over me every day... for protection, for health, and for no bad prego symptoms! I've felt good for the most part, except I am finding that I can't even fit in my pants. Not because of the poppy seed sized baby, but because I am so dang BLOATED. Oh my gosh, I feel like a balloon. I literally have to put a hair band around my button on my pants just to fit in them. Oh, and on top of that, I look like I'm literally 10 pounds heavier in the stomach area. Lovely. This is another reason why I wanted to tell people. People would have been like, "wow, Laura is really letting go of herself and letting Louisiana food have a home".....
Anywho... so, I STILL can't believe it. I honestly can't. I told Will that I probably won't believe it until my doctor tells me on Tuesday (although I said that last time with the blood test). I think it's normal to worry, right?

What's cool is that God gave me a verse randomly to keep my eyes on this
week. Psalm 139. I picked up my Bible the other day and felt the Lord telling me to turn there. All it talks about is how awesome God is and how He knits us together in our mother's womb. How cool. He even writes down what He ordains for our life before we were even made. God is encouraging me that HE gave me this baby... and HE will take care of it. HE will protect it. HE will provide for it. That's not my responsibility right now. God is doing it. It's such a humbling feeling... I'm completely out of control and I love it. God is so good.

Not to mention I had several doctors telling me that I would have a hard t
ime getting pregnant. LIES!! Basically I got my thyroid in order, and got pregnant 2 months in a row. Plus, I honestly believe that God has been showing me what to do and what to eat during that process. I gave up so many things that now I realize were probably because He was preparing me for pregnancy. It was also a time of trust and faith. It's hard for a girl to hear that kind of stuff from people. But, I refused to believe it! God is the opener and closer of my womb. Even though the first baby is now with Jesus, I am thankful that God still gave me that child. Now He gave me another and, once again, He's faithful to provide. He will continue to do so in this pregnancy. I'm preachin to myself!!

So, we couldn't be more thrilled. We have always wanted to be parents. W
e are those kind of people who always dream of that day. We both knew that it would be our ultimate calling in life... to raise a family. It truly is a blessing. God trusts us with one of His children... that we will bring it up in the way it should go. We are so incredibly in awe of how God has chosen us to bring up this child to know Him... not just KNOW Him but LOVE Him and have a close RELATIONSHIP with Him.

Anyway, that's how I feel.

I will find out my due date next week at the appointment. As for now, I am guessing I am about 5 weeks or so. Not far, but definitely still a baby :) And it still deserves to be celebrated. My doctor told me last week that I would be around 2 weeks since fertilization, which would mean 4 weeks total... and now 5 this week.

So, if you're as interested as I am in knowing how big the baby is... here's the facts.

Apparently, he/she is the size of an appleseed. How cute!!

Apparently babies grow fast. So, we will see about that.

Anyway, please be praying for us and this baby. For the baby's health, for my health, that nothing would get in the way. Just be in prayer with us that this child will be healthy all the way through. Just keeping Psalm 139 on the brain :)

God's got a pretty funny sense of humor though, now doesn't he? Giving us the news that we are going to have a baby on the DAY that we move to our new life. Crazyness, I tell ya. I will keep you updated on all the little details. All of them.

And here's a pic of that big bloated belly I was telling you about. No, it's not the baby, it just looks like I ate way too many cheeseburgers. Since we had to document the first week I found out, here it is. I feel ridiculous posing with the focal point being my stomach, but oh well. It comes along with the territory. Plus, what are my mom and mother and law supposed to do several hours away from me?? :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Super Vitamin

I've been doing a bunch of research on Vitamin D since my tests have shown that I am deficient in it. Why is it that I never realized how important this vitamin is? Many people even call it the super-vitamin. What? I am deficient in a super-vitamin? I feel so left out :) All I ever hear people talking about is Vitamin C and multivitamins.

So, I wanted to share with you what I've found because it's so interesting. And, apparently, so important for your everyday health.

Yes, we are supposed to be getting our Vitamin D from milk, but it turns out (from previous post) that our milk nowadays is so stripped of minerals that we need that it really ends up doing no good for us.
You are able to get your vitamin D from the sunlight, but the majority of the country doesn't get sunlight enough throughout the year, and you need to be able to sit in the sun for at least 20 minutes during noontime in order to get the amount you need (without burning). And for those of us with fair skin... this usually isn't possible. Even then, you probably won't be getting the amount you need.

Vitamin D is important for
- Bone health
- Cancer
- Diabetes
- Heart Disease
- Arthritis
- Infertility and PMS
- Fatigue, Depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder
- Autoimmune Disorders
- Obesity
- Syndrome X (insulin resistance)

So, as you can probably see, a lot of what I'm dealing with is probably linked with a vitamin D deficiency. This could possibly be the reason I have an autoimmune disease (thyroiditis), insulin resistance, and female issues. Crazy how things come together.
This is why I so suggest finding a holistic doctor to go to. Just to find out simply what you are deficient in. I would have never known I was until I got all my tests done. I have been going every 6 weeks for about 6 or 7 months getting blood tests done. Anything I'm dealing with at that moment they just do a blood test for it, and usually I'm deficient in something. It's great.

The Vitamin D dosage recommendations look like this: (I got this from Dr. Mercola's

A good way of finding out is by taking 35 units per pound. So for someone who is 150 pounds, they would need to take 5,250 per day. Sounds like a lot, but remember how deficient everyone really is.

Below 5 ----> 35 units per pound per day
5-10 ---------> 2500 units
18-30 -------->5000 units
Pregnant------> 5000 units
(there is no way to know that these units are correct for you specifically unless you get your blood tests done. You might even need 4-5 times the amount recommended above. Ideally your blood level should be between 50-100 ug/ml)

I was told that because I was deficient, it would be a good idea to take 20,000 units for 3 or 4 days to get my body back where it needs to be. Then go to my 35 units per pound after that.

Just a reminder, you want to be supplementing with Vitamin D3 in order to get the nutrients your body needs.

So, before you leave.... PLEASE check out this article and watch the video. As Dr. Mercola says, "this is a matter of life and death"..... really it's important. Next time you're at the doctor, get your Vitamin D (25 OH) tested.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Milk... the good, the bad, and the downright disgusting!

So, I just started following a blog of someone we know (not me personally.. but Will does. Er.... Will knows her husband) -- don't you just love how the world wide web works nowadays.

ANYWHO (sidetracked).... her name is Amanda and she is extremely passionate about living healthy, like I am. So, therefore, I have very much enjoyed reading her blog. It's a breath of fresh air... ahh :)

I just wanted to share one of her blog posts with you about milk. This is all stuff that is new to me but I love learning about it and being conscious about what goes in my body. Our culture has made so many people think that it's ok to be eating all these things and putting chemicals in our body every day. I think it's time for people to wake up and realize that this is NOT ok... and to stand up for our rights to take care of the temple that God gave us.

So, here you go (enjoy without trying to gag or throw up)....

"Let's break it down first and then I'll go over each one. The good would be Raw Milk from a clean source..The bad would be Organic Pasteurized Milk, and the down right disgusting is regular old milk.
We'll start with regular milk. The thought of it churns my stomach, because I know what's in it. Regular milk is full of pesticides (from what the cows eat), hormones (injected into the cows to make them produce more milk faster), blood and puss (from the mastitis they get from the hormone injections), and antibiotics (given to the cows to clear up the mastitis). Sounds pretty appetizing, huh? To top it all off, they pasteurize it to kill all the gross germs and bacteria and homogenize it so it won't separate. Pasteurization is probably good in this case cause this milk is FULL of nasty germs..but once you pasteurize milk it dead and useless. It kills not only the bad stuff, but the good beneficial components to milk as well. This is why they "fortify" milk with synthetic Vit D. They're trying to make the milk somewhat nutritious. Too bad that D2 is not good for you either! It's D3 that is safe and beneficial to take.
Let's talk about the puss and blood because this was the real kicker for me. Because these poor cows are give hormones to make them produce more milk (rBGH), they tend to get many cases of mastitis. This doesn't stop them from milking the cow, though. So, blood and puss from the infection end up in the milk. They call this puss and blood the somatic cell count and the USDA allows a certain amount in each batch of milk.
To clear up the mastitis, they pump the cows full of antibiotics. Those wind up in your milk as well. If that isn't enough, they put it in plastic jugs that release toxins. The skim milk has powdered milk added to it to improve flavor and texture and flavored milks are the worst batches of milk (that's why they're flavored!!)
Organic Milk should be good, right? Well, as far as the hormones, puss and blood, and antibiotics are concerned...yes, but, there is no nutrient value in this milk. If you think this milk "Does a body good", you're wrong. The pasteurization kills all the beneficial nutrients, enzymes, and good bacteria. This not only makes the milk "dead", but makes it difficult to digest.
Homogenization is bad as well. Milk contains something called Xanthine Oxidase (XO). It's not a problem for us until the milk is homogenized. Because the fat molecules are smaller after homogenization, some of this XO can pass through the intestinal wall and into the circulatory system. XO can cause lesion in the artery walls of the heart! The body responds by "bandaging" the area with cholesterol. This can cause an obstruction. So, all in all...Organic Milk, although much better than regular milk, still has no value.
Raw milk on the other hand is great! Dr. Mercola states.."Raw milk is an outstanding source of nutrients including beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus acidolphilus, vitamins and enzymes, and it is, in my estimation, the finest source of calcium available." I couldn't agree more! The main thing you want to look for is a clean, reputable source. Luckily, I've found one here in KC. Many IHOPers are using it. You can email for more info. It's only $6.50 a gallon! Otherwise, you can go to and search your state for the closest supplier.
Before I found the raw milk source I used Hyvee's brand Organic Milk. It is not homogenized and is lightly pasteurized, not ultra pasteurized. If you don't have HYVEE you'll just have to check and see what's in your area.
Don't worry about the fat in milk. Butterfat is in there for a reason! It helps us absorb the vitamins and if the cow is grassfed it will have CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) which actually burns fat!"

Go to to check out her blog!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Smooth (e)

I'm on a smoothie kick. And, these aren't just normal smoothies. If you know me, I have to make them super nutritious and they have to have a certain value to them... otherwise, pointless!!

Anyway... thought I'd share.

This is one I made yesterday. Sounds gross (actually all of these do...) But believe me.... so delicious.

Smoothie 1: (the point of this smoothie was to just have another way to get in my daily avocado)
1 avocado
2 cu milk (any kind...I use rice)
2 tbsp honey or agave syrup

blend, add a little ice. SOOO good!! Tastes like a milkshake

Smoothie 2: (the point of this one is to get in all my green veggies)
2 cu spinach
2 cu cucumber
2 green apples
ginger root (1/2 inch)
lemon juice
lime juice
(to make it sweeter, add a banana or some juice)

blend and drink.

Smoothie 3: (the point of this one is to get proteins, antioxidants, and live cultures)
2 cu milk (any kind... I use rice)
Frozen fruit (I used pomegranate seeds, raspberries, and blueberries)
1/2 cu Kefir
1 tbsp flaxseed oil
1 egg yolk

blend and drink.

*Just to explain...
Kefir is apparently super good for you. It is basically fermented milk... so it has live cultures in it. Kind of like yogurt... only better for you. It tastes bad alone so I don't suggest drinking it straight. Flaxseed oil contains the omega fatty acids we need as well as a bunch of other vitamins. Go HERE to read about flaxseed oil, it's benefits, and why our body needs it. And then... egg yolk. I really try to eat at least 1-2 eggs a day because of how good they are for us. One good way to get that in is by mixing it in a smoothie because, surprisingly, you can't even tell it's in there. It's a great way to get a healthy, lean protein for the day. Just a tip though... you want to just eat the egg yolk raw and not the white. Separate the yolk before you put it in. Egg whites raw have some things in them you don't want to eat... although I do suggest cooking it up and eating it with your smoothie!!

That's about it!!

I'll share more if I come up with more :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

In My Element

So, I went out yesterday with my friend Meghan to do a photo shoot for her beautiful Dyed For You Art. She is so talented. She took some pictures of me in a white poofy dress to do a piece of art that has to do with intimacy with God and that pure heart for God. Needless to say, I felt like an idiot while standing in 40 degree weather with a sleeveless dress on while others stared. But, how often can you say that you did that? Last time for me was my wedding day :)

Here are some of the pictures (minus the ones of the dress...). She took some of me in my normal clothes and some with Gibson and Will. In our element of course. Crazy =P

Check these out...(Meghan's edits)

and to see more....

Mom and dad.... don't worry. Yours are already in the mail ;)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My website is up!! I wanted to finish it before we move... well, Will finished it. I was just there cheering him on. That's what I do best :)

Here it is. So amazing.


The song I have stuck in my head this morning... am I'm sure glad it is :) Every time we sing this at church I cry. God has so much grace for us and continues to pursue us. I'm getting teary eyed just thinking of it. (to pause the playlist, go to the bottom of this page)

Majesty (Here I Am)

Here I am humbled by your Majesty
Covered by your grace so free
Here I am, knowing I'm a sinful man
Covered by the blood of the Lamb

Now I've found the greatest love of all is mine
Since you laid down your life
The greatest sacrifice

Majesty, Majesty
Your grace has found me just as I am
Empty handed, but alive in your hands
Majesty, Majesty
Forever I am changed by your love
In the presence of your Majesty

Here I am humbled by the love that you give
Forgiven so that I can forgive
Here I stand, knowing that I'm your desire
Sanctified by glory and fire

Now I've found the greatest love of all is mine
Since you laid down your life
The greatest sacrifice