Monday, March 15, 2010

Milk... the good, the bad, and the downright disgusting!

So, I just started following a blog of someone we know (not me personally.. but Will does. Er.... Will knows her husband) -- don't you just love how the world wide web works nowadays.

ANYWHO (sidetracked).... her name is Amanda and she is extremely passionate about living healthy, like I am. So, therefore, I have very much enjoyed reading her blog. It's a breath of fresh air... ahh :)

I just wanted to share one of her blog posts with you about milk. This is all stuff that is new to me but I love learning about it and being conscious about what goes in my body. Our culture has made so many people think that it's ok to be eating all these things and putting chemicals in our body every day. I think it's time for people to wake up and realize that this is NOT ok... and to stand up for our rights to take care of the temple that God gave us.

So, here you go (enjoy without trying to gag or throw up)....

"Let's break it down first and then I'll go over each one. The good would be Raw Milk from a clean source..The bad would be Organic Pasteurized Milk, and the down right disgusting is regular old milk.
We'll start with regular milk. The thought of it churns my stomach, because I know what's in it. Regular milk is full of pesticides (from what the cows eat), hormones (injected into the cows to make them produce more milk faster), blood and puss (from the mastitis they get from the hormone injections), and antibiotics (given to the cows to clear up the mastitis). Sounds pretty appetizing, huh? To top it all off, they pasteurize it to kill all the gross germs and bacteria and homogenize it so it won't separate. Pasteurization is probably good in this case cause this milk is FULL of nasty germs..but once you pasteurize milk it dead and useless. It kills not only the bad stuff, but the good beneficial components to milk as well. This is why they "fortify" milk with synthetic Vit D. They're trying to make the milk somewhat nutritious. Too bad that D2 is not good for you either! It's D3 that is safe and beneficial to take.
Let's talk about the puss and blood because this was the real kicker for me. Because these poor cows are give hormones to make them produce more milk (rBGH), they tend to get many cases of mastitis. This doesn't stop them from milking the cow, though. So, blood and puss from the infection end up in the milk. They call this puss and blood the somatic cell count and the USDA allows a certain amount in each batch of milk.
To clear up the mastitis, they pump the cows full of antibiotics. Those wind up in your milk as well. If that isn't enough, they put it in plastic jugs that release toxins. The skim milk has powdered milk added to it to improve flavor and texture and flavored milks are the worst batches of milk (that's why they're flavored!!)
Organic Milk should be good, right? Well, as far as the hormones, puss and blood, and antibiotics are concerned...yes, but, there is no nutrient value in this milk. If you think this milk "Does a body good", you're wrong. The pasteurization kills all the beneficial nutrients, enzymes, and good bacteria. This not only makes the milk "dead", but makes it difficult to digest.
Homogenization is bad as well. Milk contains something called Xanthine Oxidase (XO). It's not a problem for us until the milk is homogenized. Because the fat molecules are smaller after homogenization, some of this XO can pass through the intestinal wall and into the circulatory system. XO can cause lesion in the artery walls of the heart! The body responds by "bandaging" the area with cholesterol. This can cause an obstruction. So, all in all...Organic Milk, although much better than regular milk, still has no value.
Raw milk on the other hand is great! Dr. Mercola states.."Raw milk is an outstanding source of nutrients including beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus acidolphilus, vitamins and enzymes, and it is, in my estimation, the finest source of calcium available." I couldn't agree more! The main thing you want to look for is a clean, reputable source. Luckily, I've found one here in KC. Many IHOPers are using it. You can email for more info. It's only $6.50 a gallon! Otherwise, you can go to and search your state for the closest supplier.
Before I found the raw milk source I used Hyvee's brand Organic Milk. It is not homogenized and is lightly pasteurized, not ultra pasteurized. If you don't have HYVEE you'll just have to check and see what's in your area.
Don't worry about the fat in milk. Butterfat is in there for a reason! It helps us absorb the vitamins and if the cow is grassfed it will have CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) which actually burns fat!"

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  1. Ew, the idea of drinking milk just grosses me out. What made us think that drinking another animals milk made sense?

    - sharon

  2. hey laura, I have been interested in all this health stuff since my twins were born. I've heard this about milk as well, but have never found a great source here in STL. Please let me know if you find one, or know someone who finds one. Thank you!

  3. yep...heard a lot of this years ago, but just ignored it instead of investigating more. i know a few people in STL who get raw milk, i'll try to find their sources because i think i'll be going that route now!

    thanks for this info, laura! :)

    p.s. the link to her blog isn't working :(