Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Super Vitamin

I've been doing a bunch of research on Vitamin D since my tests have shown that I am deficient in it. Why is it that I never realized how important this vitamin is? Many people even call it the super-vitamin. What? I am deficient in a super-vitamin? I feel so left out :) All I ever hear people talking about is Vitamin C and multivitamins.

So, I wanted to share with you what I've found because it's so interesting. And, apparently, so important for your everyday health.

Yes, we are supposed to be getting our Vitamin D from milk, but it turns out (from previous post) that our milk nowadays is so stripped of minerals that we need that it really ends up doing no good for us.
You are able to get your vitamin D from the sunlight, but the majority of the country doesn't get sunlight enough throughout the year, and you need to be able to sit in the sun for at least 20 minutes during noontime in order to get the amount you need (without burning). And for those of us with fair skin... this usually isn't possible. Even then, you probably won't be getting the amount you need.

Vitamin D is important for
- Bone health
- Cancer
- Diabetes
- Heart Disease
- Arthritis
- Infertility and PMS
- Fatigue, Depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder
- Autoimmune Disorders
- Obesity
- Syndrome X (insulin resistance)

So, as you can probably see, a lot of what I'm dealing with is probably linked with a vitamin D deficiency. This could possibly be the reason I have an autoimmune disease (thyroiditis), insulin resistance, and female issues. Crazy how things come together.
This is why I so suggest finding a holistic doctor to go to. Just to find out simply what you are deficient in. I would have never known I was until I got all my tests done. I have been going every 6 weeks for about 6 or 7 months getting blood tests done. Anything I'm dealing with at that moment they just do a blood test for it, and usually I'm deficient in something. It's great.

The Vitamin D dosage recommendations look like this: (I got this from Dr. Mercola's website...www.mercola.com

A good way of finding out is by taking 35 units per pound. So for someone who is 150 pounds, they would need to take 5,250 per day. Sounds like a lot, but remember how deficient everyone really is.

Below 5 ----> 35 units per pound per day
5-10 ---------> 2500 units
18-30 -------->5000 units
Pregnant------> 5000 units
(there is no way to know that these units are correct for you specifically unless you get your blood tests done. You might even need 4-5 times the amount recommended above. Ideally your blood level should be between 50-100 ug/ml)

I was told that because I was deficient, it would be a good idea to take 20,000 units for 3 or 4 days to get my body back where it needs to be. Then go to my 35 units per pound after that.

Just a reminder, you want to be supplementing with Vitamin D3 in order to get the nutrients your body needs.

So, before you leave.... PLEASE check out this article and watch the video. As Dr. Mercola says, "this is a matter of life and death"..... really it's important. Next time you're at the doctor, get your Vitamin D (25 OH) tested.


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