Thursday, October 7, 2010

Michelin Girl

Things have been a little nutso around here. Let's just start off by saying that the "leak" from the "ceiling" that we had goin on in our apartment was more like a flood from a broken pipe behind our wall. Lovely. Water all over kitchen and on the other side soaking our carpet. Tear open the wall to find some mold that has been stirring in our house for the past week. Thank goodness the weather has been nice because we just open all our doors and windows all day to keep fresh air flowing through. Although my allergies have been crazy, the doctor said it shouldn't be a big deal and just to stay away from it as much as possible.

Speaking of doctor... we got to meet our new midwives!! Will and I went to their monthly "meet and greet" last night at the hospital. I was literally expecting one, maybe 2, other couples to be there. Nope. Probably 50 people total. It was awesome. The midwives got to talk about themselves and answer any questions. They are SO on the same track as we are with everything we believe. It is so amazing to feel like we won't be pressured into anything we don't want to do. Induction and any other interventions aren't routine. They base everything they do on the baby. So, if the baby is ok... then they just wait it out. They don't even induce if the baby is "late" because they understand that some babies take longer than others ( so, if I'm past the due date, don't ask me when they are going to induce me) :) They take precautions, but once again it's up to the baby. The baby won't be taken from me the entire time I'm there (except for the admission into the hospital and the pediatrician to check him over). But, even then, I am able to go along if I want. Otherwise, they put the baby directly on the heat lamp when he is born which is right next to my bed. They do all tests and checking over right in front of me. And, they don't do anything out of routine... they ask before doing anything. They have birthing tubs if we want to use them (which is great)! I'm not a weirdo for wanting a water birth, I just honestly think it would be way more comfortable to be in water while in labor than on a hard bed in a weird position. So, I plan on doing that... we just have to take a waterbirth class in a couple weeks (by law). One of the midwives has been doing this for 30 years or so and has experience with every type of situation. She is comfortable with whatever is going to make me comfortable. They are both so knowledgeable about everything to do with natural birth, and they are so passionate about it. We feel so blessed to have found them.
The hospital is really nice! We are getting used to the 40 minute drive more and more. It's really pretty easy to get to. The midwives took us on a tour of the L&D floor as well as postpartum. They said that all uneventful births get to leave within 24 hours of delivery, which is nice. Their offices are conveniently right across the road.
We went today for my appointment and the midwife talked to us for about an hour. It was great. She answered all our questions and was so supportive!
Here's the update so far. Little guy is in the head down position facing the right way. This is awesome! Will and I have been praying every day for our list of things that we are believing for for the childbirth and for me and the baby. Such as, healthy, easy labor/delivery, no episiotomy, no interventions, and that the baby would get in the right position at the right time. She had to feel around for a while and couldn't tell exactly, so she did an ultrasound and saw that his head is just where it needs to be. He is locked in until delivery. It's no wonder I have been feeling tons of pressure on my pelvic bone. When I walk it feels like bone is pushing on bone (which, I guess it kind of is). Not comfortable. BUT, so glad that he's getting ready to come. I've also been feeling those little kicks getting right up under my ribs. It's a love/hate relationship with them :) I don't blame him. Sometimes I squish him. Ha.
As for me... my weight is still steadily increasing. I have gained about 34 pounds... and I definitely feel like it. They try to aim for no more than 35 pounds by delivery, but it looks like I'm passing that up. Kinda frustrating because I feel like I've tried just about everything to slow it down, but I think my body knows what it's doing. SO, I'm just along for the ride now. I'm waiting it out and we will see. No need to stress about it. She said sometimes if you don't eat enough protein, it can cause extra water weight. Will and I both laughed because I am not a huge meat person. Unless it's a nice juicy steak, I probably won't eat it. So most of the time I am feeding Will my leftover meat (which is all but about 2 bites). I may try to add more protein in my diet to see if it helps the swelling.
Oh, and by the way... if you notice that a pregnant woman is looking a little puffier than normal.... big tip: DO NOT point it out. I've had so many people say "You look more swollen" or "your face is puffier". REALLY people?? What if I said that to you? Haha.
We officially became Georgia residents yesterday and got our licenses. I was dreading taking that picture because I know I'm swollen and my cheeks look like a chipmunk. But, I sucked it up and did it anyway. I will be changing that picture as soon as we change our addresss. Believe me.
Oh well, it's part of the joy of pregnancy.
At least my baby boy is healthy... even if he is having fun making me swell like a marshmallow.
Oh, and don't expect anymore pictures of me to be posted on the internet while I'm prego. Not only am I rarely dressed up, but I also don't look like myself. So... sorry. Deal with it haha.
(Hence the blog title and picture. This is how I feel).

So, this is what the baby looks like these days at 31 1/2 weeks. At about 18 inches and almost 4 pounds... he's really starting to have cramped living quarters. My stomach is lobsided all the time. So weird looking!

Can't wait to meet him!! (and, as a plus, I can't wait too see my feet again!). So many things to look forward to within the next 8 weeks or so ;)

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  1. I'm very sad that I won't be seeing anyore belly pics. :(