Wednesday, October 7, 2009

He Works All Things Together For Our Good

I took some pictures of my friends, the Deters, the other night. They wanted to document Jessica's pregnancy as well as get some family pictures done.
The morning after we took these pictures, Jessica decided to go to the hospital because she wasn't feeling the baby moving. The doctors confirmed that they couldn't find a heartbeat. She was induced and had to wait all day to give birth to her precious little baby girl.

Baby Ava Deters is now with the Lord and in his loving arms. Although God would never have something turn out like this in his sovereign plan, we are still so sure of his faithfulness and promises over the Deters. He is above all and knows all. If the enemy has stolen from them, they will be repaid sevenfold and justice will come to them.

We are just praying that the Lord comfort this family in this time of mourning. I can't even comprehend being in that position. I am still so thankful for the opportunity to take pictures of baby Ava before she passed away.

Will went with me to take the pictures and he randomly picked up a stick, broke it in half, and put the cross in a garden. Not to say that we knew any of this would happen, but it is kind of cool to show that maybe the Lord was saying that it was ok. That she would be taken care of.

Here's a few pics. Be praying over this special family. The funeral is on Friday. Just be praying healing and restoration in their time of need!


  1. Oh my goodness, this is heartbreaking. I saw your pictures on Facebook and was thinking about them and this new member they would soon be welcoming to their family. I cannot imagine what they must be going through. But I'm sure they feel fortunate to have the photographs you took for them; what a special gift.

  2. What a blessing it was that you got photos of the family before all of this happened. My prayers and thoughts are with them.