Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Picture Updates

- We got a new car. Well, new for us. It's a 2003 Honda Element... and we adore it!! This whole selling both of our cars deal and then looking for new cars has been somewhat of a headache, so we were glad to find this one! This is the car we wanted all along but didn't think it was in our price range. Lo and behold, God works wonders! We were talking on the way home from church how God would provide a car in the right timing for us. Not a car that we have to settle for, but a car we actually want. God wants to bless His children, right?! We go home and check on Craigslist and this ad had only been up for an hour. We called the guy and bought it the next day for an awesome deal. God, you're faithful!

- Poor little pup still has his stupid cone on his head. He's been moping around. Almost like he's depressed or something. Will and I laugh at him all the time because he is so not himself. This morning we took him outside and all he wanted to do was lay down in the grass. Then this morning, he continued to fall in between the sofa and cushion and didn't care. Just stayed right where he was. Poor little guy doesn't know what happened to him
- However, while practicing piano today I walked out to find this surprise waiting for me in the living room. Not 2 chewed up tissues, but the entire box of tissues scattered around the house. Somehow he jumped up on the table and grabbed the tissue box. I think this is pay back for having him neutered.

- Here's me practicing piano. I took it for Will as proof that I was, in fact, practicing today. God put it on my heart about 2 years ago that I needed to learn, and I've been learning slowly but surely. However, I really feel like He is wanting me to really know how to do it by the 1st of the year. I'm really going to try to kick my butt into gear and do this. Along with it, I'm practicing my vocal range as well. We will see.
- As for the chickens, our friend Julie is a lawyer and she is calling the Town and Country board and lawyer to talk to them about how we are covered by the Grandfather Clause. Basically meaning that since we were abiding by the law before they made the law, they can't tell us that we need to get rid of them. Hopefully we figure this whole thing out before the end of December when they have threatened to take them away. Maybe I should just send these folks some eggs... do you think that would change their minds? Ha ha.

- As for Arbonne, it looks like I qualified for District Manager. In order to finish District, I'll need to keep going, but it's exciting to be on the road to my new Mercedes Benz :) haha. And financial freedom. God continually encourages us and shows His hand in this business. I'm completely confident that God is working good things out for us!

That's all for now, folks!

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  1. i just saw your goal about learning piano by the 1st of the year! read my blog entitled "december music project".... :-)