Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Praisin God!

I know everyone and their brother will be talking about what they're thankful for this week. And, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I have SO much to be thankful for!!

- Family. God has given me more family than I ever thought possible... and will be giving me more throughout the years!! My family is great, along with an awesome family on Will's side.

- Health. Even though I've dealt with a lot of health issues this year that have been thrown at me by the enemy, I'm still thankful for my health. It actually makes me think more about how happy I am that the Lord chooses me to be on this earth during this time to be in His will. Along those lines, I got a call back from the doctor today after going last week for more blood tests. My thyroid stimulating hormone levels have gone WAY down from 58 to 4 (normal is between 1 and 2). AND my T3 and T4 levels are completely normal. God is SO good!! I'm changing medications this week from the synthetic to the natural just because I think I will feel better... but, I'm just thankful for finally a good report after many negative ones!

- Growth. This year as been the biggest challenge yet the biggest blessing I've ever had! God has brought us through the fire in order to grow us. It wouldn't have been done either way. I'm thankful that God even cares to help us grow into people that love Him more. I've never loved God more than I have this year, and I hope I can say that every year!!

- Provision. Ok, what the HECK? I am SOOO blessed!!! This year, God has provided me a husband, a house, 2 cars upgraded from the last, all of our furniture and appliances (most of it given to us), I'm never left hungry, I always have clean water to drink, my Arbonne business is growing, my photography business is growing. The list goes on and on. Have you ever taken a minute to really think about how you father in heaven has provided for you? Go through the list and you will smile afterwards... I promise!

- New endeavors. We were prophesied over when we were engaged that we would be on a roller coaster of things throughout life, but we would always know it was God's will. Well, that's kinda how we feel right now. God has got huge new things in our path within the next few months... we are just ready to take them on!

- My husband. He deserves his own category :) God provided for me the most perfect man for me (like he was created exactly to fit me in every way). It's crazy how that works. We always talk about how we are literally made for each other. God had me in mind when He made Will (6 years before He made me) ha ha. It's so cool to think about. Will Stern has blown me away with His love for me, his talents, his selflessness, his soft heart, his love for GOD!, his patience, etc etc. I could obviously keep going. Even our exact same taste in fashion or how neither of us like to hang out in big groups.... the little stuff even fits :)

God is SO good!
Lately, He has been reminding me of Matthew 7. You know those verses that you read and kind of skip over but God tells you to look at it more? He's taught me so much over this passage in the past few weeks, I'm amazed. Especially when I was getting discouraged with health problems it's really gotten me encouraged to see God's will over me. He won't leave us high and dry. He is our FATHER. Our heavenly father who only ever wants the best for us.
What are you thankful for this year?

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