Thursday, February 11, 2010

23 Birthday List

The other day was my 23rd birthday. It's strange to think of the stage in life I am in. Soon I will be married a year and a half, people usually have kids at around my age, I'm supposed to be in the best health of my life at this age. I am just realizing how BLESSED I am to have what I have and be where I am. The past year was on of the hardest growth years I've ever had... a lot of growing pains! But, along with that, it was the BEST year I've had. I literally have never felt so incredibly blessed in my entire 23 years on earth. God loves me. And I feel so loved by family!!

Here is my list of the 23 things I am excited about for turning 23.
1) God is good. I can't wait to get to know him better this year!!!!!!!!!

2) I finally am at the age where I feel completely confident to be myself. High school... no one feels like themselves and everyone is trying to be someone different. College, I'm convinced is the same thing. Now, I am just me. And I love it. Sweet freedom!
3) I don't think God skipped even on little area in growing me this past year. I'm excited that this year, I am walking taller and stronger because I know how to deal with so many "thrown in the fire" type situations. Bring em on!

4) I've decided... it's fun to be stupid and crazy. Quirky. Whatever you wanna call it. Since marrying Will, I have been able to be myself to an even bigger degree. We make stupid videos, dance around the house with the music blaring, play games, make jokes... and I've never felt more satisfied with life. You can't take life too seriously!

5) I'm hoping that this year maybe I will grow a little......height wise?? :)

6) I'm excited that people are starting to take me out of the college age stereotype. I actually get surprised when people speak to me like I'm an adult... not like, "oh she doesn't understand". I've always felt older than I am, and it's finally catching up to me. I can now buy houses, cook for my family, speak in front of the church, prophesy over people, take care of a budget... and not feel like I'm out of place.
7) The desire to "nest" is in full force. I'm loving being a house wife and can't wait to decorate our new house in Louisiana.
8) I can't be everything to everyone. This was a big realization for me. I often feel overwhelmed by my phone or emails or people asking me out to eat.... but now, I realize, I don't have to be run by the stresses of life. I've found it perfectly OK to turn off my phone or not return a call. Not because I'm rude, but because sometimes I need to do what's best for me.

9) I can't wait to invest more in my photography business. This is just the beginning.

10) I hope to help people this year with nutrition. I have learned SOOO much this past year and researched day after day. More people need to know how to take care of themselves.

11) I am embracing the creative side of me.... or granny side, I'm not sure which. Loving and taking on cooking, sewing, crocheting, sitting and reading a book.
12) This year, I am going to work on my music side even more. I am going to know how to play the piano and sing better by the end of this year!

13) I love that this year I finally learned that my birthday doesn't have to be celebrated on the DAY OF in order for it to be special.

14) I long to be more a citizen of heaven this year than a citizen of earth.
15) I finally understand the importance of saving. You can't truly understand until you own a house and are married. Good thing I have a husband who is really good at this.
16) Did I mention yet that God is good??? He is.

17) I'm excited to gain more undertstanding this year of how truly little I am compared to God.
18) Life without a TV really is better. Believe me.
19) Getting to know my husband's heart better this year and learning how to treat him better is one of the most exciting parts of this upcoming year for me.

20) Toy Story 3 in 3D. Can't wait.

21) I can't wait to experience the South. Maybe possibly catch a Louisiana accent.

22) Eat REAL seafood. Not seafood that had to wait weeks to get to the middle of the country. Gross.

23) I'm excited that abortion will be illegal this year. (I'm speaking out of faith) :)

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