Friday, February 26, 2010

Good NEWS!

I am so thankful. And God is SO good. I feel like I type that every day on here, but I never want to forget it or let it pass me by in a day. He is GOOD! Even when seasons are hard, I still feel His hand. It's awesome.

I have some amazing praise reports. They're praises of what God has done in our life... not at all what we have done.

1. OUR HOUSE IS SOLD!!! Let me tell you what is so incredible about this. On Wednesday night, we had some apostolic pastors come to our church and prophesy over St. Louis and our church. It was awesome. 3 hours of pure declaration of God's goodness. We spent about 3 hours declaring that satan has no hold on this city. We even made an official divorce of the marriage to the babylonian spirit. I've never been a part of anything like that and it was so powerful. Anyway, you remember in my last post that I said we would be moving on from the buyer that was interested in our home because they weren't able to meet our price. Well, we figured that the night that we were meeting at the church on Wednesday was when these people decided to call our realtor and buy our house. We were even praying in church for real estate to be released from people in God's kingdom so that they would be free of it. So cool!! Will and I also prayed that night while we were sitting there that we were wanting to give this situation completely to God. We decided that we would, in our hearts, completely give God any money that we would make (or not make) with our home. It's cool how God provided. They came up to our price (which was really our bottom dollar). We threw in some closing costs and a refrigerator and we had a deal. The saddest part about it for me was that we had to give away our IKEA curtains that I love dearly :) because I didn't realize that window coverings were included. But, whatever. Ha ha. So, the people are coming tomorrow to do the inspection. We are praying that they won't be picky and try to get every little penny out of us. PLEASE be praying God's favor over us in that area! I'll keep you updated on the rest. If this all goes through, we will be moving in 3 or 4 weeks!

2. Got my 17 blood tests back. SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT. These were taken before Cindy Jacobs prophesied over me that my thyroid was healed. Well, it really looks that way.
-First of all, my TSH has gone the other way now... it's a little over-active now. Not too much though. So they may have to lessen my dosage.
- The test said that I do not have celiacs... yay!!!! Although I think I may still follow the gluten free diet because it's made me feel so much better.
-My antibody levels are NORMAL! This is a huuuuuge answer to prayer. If you remember, my biggest concern was my antibodies and how they attack my body. They are now in normal range which means that my body is no longer attacking my thyroid or any other part of my body.
-My estrone and estradiol levels are NORMAL. This is awesome because these are the main sex hormones in a woman. If these are functioning well, my organs are probably functioning well!
-My DHEA Sulfate levels are normal. These control the testosterone in my body... what signals my reproductive organs to function how they are supposed to.
-My prolactin is NORMAL. This was also a big answer to prayer.

The three tests that I am still going to be praying over are my insulin, progesterone, and vitamin D3.
Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas that regulates sugar in the blood. When insulin levels are too high, the body becomes insulin resistant. The cells become resisitant to the toxic levels of insulin. This is probably due to genetic factors of diabetes in my family. The good thing is that my blood sugar levels are normal. However, I need to lower my insulin levels even more. I ordered 2 supplements yesterday that are supposed to help... Chromium Picolinate and Inositol. They are supposed to help the cells become less resistant. If insulin is too high for too long, it can cause a lot of problems. This goes along with the whole PCOS thing.... most women with PCOS are also insulin resistant. The best thing I can do for myself with this is continue cutting down my carb intake (right now I don't eat any) and refined sugar since my body doesn't react to it well or know how to digest it.
I ordered a vitamin D3 supplement yesterday as well. Apparently vitamin D deficiency is also related to PCOS and insulin resistance. It's crazy how these all tie together. Most people aren't getting enough vitamin D and it can end up really hurting people in the long run.

So there ya go. The whole update. I write all this out to be a testimony of God's goodness. Just a few months ago, my body was pretty messed up! All of these levels were out of whack in one way or another. I'm still on the road, but God has been leading me and putting things on my heart to help everything! I really believe the gluten free diet has helped cut out a lot of sugars which has helped with lots of my levels. No soda has obviously helped too.

My suggestion... with ANY medical issue... don't ever let doctors tell you that there's nothing they can do but prescribe a medication. Anything can be cured just with living healthy and seeking God. It's sad that the doctor of all doctor never gets any recognition anymore. God healed me and can heal anyone. Even if you have the most awful disease or cancer... God heals. Don't forget it. Or He may lead you down a path, like He has for me, and teach you how to lean more on Him.

3. My grandma, Moggie, who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, got up yesterday and fell and ended up hitting her face on a table. She broke her nose and couldn't stop the bleeding. I know this isn't a praise report... but she called Will and I to pray for her and we prayed right then. We felt like God was covering her and that she has apointed angels over her just giving her strength every day. THAT, in itself, is something to praise God over. God loves Moggie so much!! It's cool to see how God has taken care of her. I think it's a praise report in itself that she didn't break a hip or break any other bones. Since she is on hospice, they wouldn't have been able to do surgery.

Lord, You are GOOD and GREATLY to be praised!!!

How do people survive without God in their lives???? Seriously, I would be a wreck without the hand of God on me!

Love you all and thanks so much for your prayers for me.

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