Thursday, May 13, 2010


- why is it the single most empowering thing in my mind that i just deactivated my facebook? i mean, i feel like i can breathe.

- why is it that all i want to eat is mac and cheese (the cheap toy story kind), wasabi peas, fruit, and CANDY?

- why is it that i try and try to write songs (but to no avail)... and then one day in the bathtub god has me start singing a song straight through? out of nowhere!

- why is it that all i am waiting for is that first kick from the baby? maybe it will be a sigh of relief that everything is ok in there.

- why is it that i become a total jerk when i get a headache? haha

- how is it that a 1.5 inch baby can make it so that none (NONE) of my clothes fit.

- how did i become so blessed to marry the man of my dreams?

- will we be eating animals when there is the new heavens and new earth (reading in Isaiah this morning)... will we be driving cars or will jesus have a better system? what kind of jobs will we have??

- how cool is it that god never lets me stay the same? even 6 months ago, i am like a new person.

- how did evolution come about anyway? what's up with completely putting creation aside and rationalizing it in your own mind? how does breastfeeding work so flawlessly? how about baby's organs forming??

- what can i do about this 7 story supercenter for abortions in houston that just opened the other day? god what can i do???

- why is my dog obsessed with the life band? we always find him sleeping with it around his wrist. haha

- will i have a boy or a girl?

- what will the baby look like?

those are my questions for the day. the end.


  1. It will be the most beautiful baby you ever saw. :) From mom to mom

  2. i just tried to message you on facebook and couldn't... that explains it! can u send me your address...i've got a package to send you!

  3. I love that you make a decision and do it. Love you sweetie! I agree with Becky! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your heart. Know I'm praying for you, Will, and the baby daily!