Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello From Georgia

We live in Georgia. How crazy is that? I'm not sure if it's even hit me yet. We love it here so far!! Not only is it beautiful everywhere you go because of all the tall, thick trees... we absolutely love the people here. Our new church is awesome. We had recently met some of the people and 4 of them showed up on Saturday to help us move in. It was a really, extremely hot day too and they completely sacrificed to help us out. We couldn't have done it without them. We went out to some good Chinese afterwards and got to know them some more. We love our new friends :)

Our apartment is adorable. It's about 1,400 sq ft and the space is really perfect for us. We got a 3 bedroom knowing that we would have the baby soon and lots and lots of visitors! It's got a vaulted ceiling which makes it feel bigger and the view from our back porch is awesome. It's all woods behind us with huge trees!! We also have a pool here, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and a path that walks around a private lake where people can go fishing. I mean, how cool is that?

We are starting to get settled. Right now we have boxes everywhere but most of our stuff is starting to find a place. I LOVE decorating a new place. They will let us paint here, but Will doesn't like the thought of having to paint it back. SO... he compromised with me and I'm going to paint some accent walls. One in the dining room, one in our bedroom, and one in the baby's room.

Speaking of baby... I haven't talked about the little man much these days. I am now in my 21st week (which is crazy to me). He's about the size of a banana and is starting to swallow the amniotic fluid. This means I need to really be careful about what I'm eating, since it's all going to him too. Apparently when I eat different things, he can taste them. Even later in his life he will recognize the flavors and may be more picky to things that he didn't taste in the womb. Good thing I'm not a picky eater. Little guy is still moving like crazy in there. But now those kicks and movements are really strong. Will felt a kick for the first time, which was awesome. The weirdest thing is when I can feel him completely turning or when I feel him kicking my side. Sometimes I can feel him kicking my bladder and that gets really uncomfortable. But overall I love it so much. I just wait to feel him start moving in the day. It's like I can time it. They say that you can start getting an idea of what your baby's sleep schedule might be like at this point. I usually feel him like a mad man at night right before bed... and then he starts moving again as soon as I start talking in the morning. I think I wake him up ;) We talk to him all the time knowing that he can hear us. Will says some of the funniest things into the belly button microphone. Ha ha.
As for me, I've been feeling good. I can't tell if I'm just worn out from the move or if I'm starting to get worn out physically from pregnancy. While unpacking boxes yesterday and sitting on the floor, I quickly learned that I get out of breath easily. Even sitting weird on the couch makes it hard to breathe. The other day my feet were pounding just from walking around the apartment all day. I had to keep sitting down because they hurt so bad. So, maybe this is God's way of telling me to slow down. I've been a little frustrated on the clothes side of things just because NONE of my normal clothes fit. I really got to see it laid out in front of me yesterday when I was hanging up all my clothes and putting all my pre-pregnancy jeans in a box. I have a few pairs of maternity pants I wear, but my main problem is shirts. I thought I'd be able to fit a long time in normal shirts, but they are all so short on me... so they look funny now. But, oh well. I'll survive :)

Anyway, our little family is doing great here. My parents are coming tomorrow night to see us and hang out a little bit. We are so excited to be closer to everyone here. So, that will be fun!

If you've been praying for us, thank you so much and we are so thankful for all of your support. Although this is a season of faith and testing, we are so glad we are here and that God truly is providing in every area. We can't wait to see how our faith grows during this season.


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