Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthing Options..... Thoughts?

Good news! I finally found out that I qualify for medicaid. This has been a tiring process and I'm sure glad it's figured out (at least for now). Actually, the whole application process was a sinch... seriously I was surprised how many questions they didn't ask me. But I think because I am so far along in my pregnancy, they are wanting me to get medical care right away. So, that's nice.

If you aren't caught up, the reason why I had to apply for medicaid is because we moved and no longer qualify for signing up for individual health care. I called so may insurance companies, just to hear them say "sorry... no can do." I even called the department of insurance here in Georgia to which the woman told me " you won't be able to qualify for any insurance. No one will take you or your husband since you are pregnant." Which I didn't realize was the case... but oh well. Here I am trying to figure things out to the best of my ability.

I already decided that I want to give birth with a midwife. Since I am doing this whole thing naturally, I cannot have someone distracting me or asking me every 5 seconds if I want an epidural. I would probably slap them :) So, I am really wanting a midwife to be able to go through the whole thing with.

I would LOVE your thoughts... anyone that has them. Here are my options.

1. Under medicaid, I can go to a doctor's office that has certified nurse midwives available. I would have my first inital appointment with a doctor and then I would see a midwife from that point on. I would also have ultrasounds. I would end up having the baby at the hospital under the midwife supervision. From what I know, all costs would be covered.

2. I can have a homebirth with a midwife for about $2,500. Medicaid sometimes reimburses this, but I am just not sure yet. I would have the medicaid just in case something goes wrong and need to go to the hospital, otherwise I really wouldnt use it much. I would have the option to still see doctors for prenatal appts but wouldn't have to. I could just see the midwife, but no ultrasounds would be offered if I did.

I think I'm leaning toward the first one because it just seems easier. It also seems like the best of both worlds.
Here are my concerns with either of them...
- Is it hard to have a natural birth in a hospital setting? Even with a midwife?
- With a midwife in a hospital, will they let you walk around and do what you want to do? Or are you still told what to do?
- Anyone experienced a homebirth before and like to tell me their thoughts?
- Anyone been on medicaid before while pregnant and would like to tell me how it works? Do you get full care or are you treated less than other patients?

Gosh, I didn't realize there would be so many options!! I just want to have my baby! :)
The main thing that concerns me is that hospitals really scare me. I feel like they are run really according to laws and regulations, rather than thinking of what's best for the mother and baby. Ideally I'd love to be at a birthing center, but that's not an option here.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be highly appreciated!! Love you all.

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  1. I had the BEST birthing experience at the hospital. I wanted to go as long as I could without an epidural, and they never brought it up until I was begging for it haha. Bring in a birth plan. They'll stick to it. They let me labor in the tub at the hospital. If you have a midwife at the hospital, you won't be pressured into anything. Of course, pray about it. Because a home birth might be what the Lord wants you to do. He never gave me that option. So I don't know about the home birth thing. Praying that you get an answer soon!