Tuesday, August 17, 2010


- First and foremost, God is so awesome and He never fails to provide in every way. I can now say that I officially have a midwife and it is all covered by insurance. This is such a huge answer to prayer and a huge weight off my shoulders. This means that I will be seeing a midwife for all my prenatal care and then I will give birth in the hospital with that midwife which is right around the corner. Best situation ever. I was so annoyed because a doctor denied me originally, but I see that God is just taking care of me and leading me where He wants me to go. He has a specific doctor's office and midwife that He wants me to go to. That's really comforting!

- WE LOVE OUR CHURCH! I don't think we can say that enough. Bethel Atlanta is such an amazing place for us to be a part of. The people that go there just blow us away with their kindness and love for us. Will and I are already fitting in nicely and loving serving in any way we can. We are going to worship team try outs on Saturday, which is exciting. We don't care where we serve... we are just passionate about this house and what they're doing. It's so awesome. We have made some awesome friends already too that feel like we've known them forever. Will and I have never really had that before, so it's so cool to experience.

- Will took some 6 month maternity pics of me after church. He's random like that. He just said, "I want to take pictures of you"... and pulled over and started shooting. I love him :)
click this link to check them out.

- Pregnancy has just been so fun and I'm enjoying every second of it. Even the heartburn that makes me have throw up burps every five seconds ;) I am SO thankful for this baby and every time I feel him moving, I get so excited and just smile. I still can't imagine that there's a human inside of me. I really don't think it will hit me until the baby is coming out. Ha ha. Will gets to feel him kick and move too. His way of connecting with the baby is to play with the stroller and set up all the baby stuff. He said that for some reason that is when it hits him. How cute. Will and I have been reading my Bradley book and practicing all the techniques. It gets me really excited about that day and it really includes Will in everything as a coach. So he loves reading it to prepare. As for Micaiah, I can tell he is getting huge! Instead of just feeling random taps, I will feel him on one side of my belly at the same time that I feel him on the other side. He turns, and moves, and kicks. He's a big boy. Not to mention, I saw my maternity pics and didn't realize how big my belly had gotten. Geez! Will said, "you've been that way for a while"... how did I not know this?? Ha. Nothing new pregnancy wise... besides it's getting harder and harder to bend over and to sit up. The back pains are starting to kick in, but really only when I'm sitting down for a long time (like at church or something).

- Atlanta has been so amazing for us. Whether we were supposed to be here in the first place and just missed God's voice, or whether God wanted us on this path for a reason... we truly feel blessed to be here. This is what home feels like. We immediately felt like we can rest here and immediately felt a deep breath. God has made it abundantly clear to us that this is where we are supposed to build our family. We are finally settled. Oh and it feels amazing!! After living in 3 different cities across the country in 5 months, we are READY to be settled. We probably have the least amount of "material things" that we've ever had in our marriage, but we feel the most fulfilled. This is how it is to live with the Lord; when you're in His will, it is never not satisfying. We have had to watch our money more than ever. We don't really go out to eat anymore (we just make fun cheap meals at home), and we really don't do much of anything else. But we are LOVING our time together and cherishing this season preparing to be parents together. God has blessed us more than I can even describe. We even love our little apartment the best than any place we've ever lived.

That's it for the updates. Thank you ALL for your prayers over us!

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