Friday, August 20, 2010

Bumpdates - 24 weeks

Found this from THIS blog. Thought I'd take a stab at it :)

When are you due: Everyone should know this by now... but, December 5th.

How many weeks?: That makes me 24 weeks and 5 days. Almost 25, people! Here's the lovely diagram.

**Just in case you all didn't already know what everything is... good thing it's labeled, huh?** :)

Was this planned or unplanned: We were expecting it to happen at some point. I guess you'd call that planned.

How much weight gained:
oh yikes. Time to spill the beans. Last time I checked it was 18 pounds. And, yes, I said 18 (not 20) because those 2 pounds aren't officially there yet!

Is this your first pregnancy?:
Yes. Hence why suddenly this topic has consumed my blog.
Latest food craving:
MOE'S. Give me Moe's and no one will get hurt. This is my weakness right here. Will says that I have a separate stomach for anything to do with Moe's. I'm wondernig if he's right.

Your top two name choices or baby's name: Micaiah Gabriel. That's his name. We never really had another name.

Worst Thing about being pregnant:
Feeling large. I literally have a break down once a week on Sunday mornings (God bless Will) where I pout and cry that I don't have anything to wear. I just miss being comfortable. I miss feeling at least someone skinny... not like a hot air balloon. BUT, hey, it comes with the territory. Oh... and the heartburn. My poor poor esophagus.

Best Thing about being pregnant:
having a BABY inside of me. I know that IS the definition of pregnancy, but it's true. I love my little guy moving around inside of me. It's a little alienish sometimes when I can see my belly moving.

The first person you told was: the baby daddy.

Are you more scared or excited:
WAY more excited than scared. I will officially be a mom in a few months. Weird. But then I start thinking about how exactly that child will be entering the world.... by exiting from you-know-where with no pain meds. That gets me a little on my toes.

Happy or mostly moody:
ha. Ask my husband. I would say happy. He says I'm actually more rational now that I'm prego (not sure what that says about me before pregnancy) lol. Apparently I get moody and easily turn right back around and admit that I was ridiculous.

Last time you cried over something ridiculous was:
like I said. The clothes. Sunday morning. Oh the drama!

You pee an estimated __ times a day?:
5,000. I think 5,000 is accurate. I usually don't have to go, but then as soon as the boy kicks my bladder, I've got one thing on my mind. Get me to a toilet.

Weirdest dream you've had since pregnant?:
hmm. I have them every night. I should write them down because they are so dang weird! The other night I had one that we (me, Will, and my parents) were sitting around and they had me try out the new breast pump. They all wanted to make sure my milk was coming in ok. I just tried it out, right there, with everyone watching and admiring how well things were working. Awkward.

Will you breast feed: Yes. And, don't worry, I've heard the horror stories. The infections, the blisters, the feeling of getting punched in the boobs daily. But, bring it on!!!

Words of wisdom:
while pregnant, don't underestimate the belly. It's bigger than you think. Hint: while closing the car door, maybe take one extra step backwards to avoid slamming it into your child in utero. Or, while cutting that corner in the kitchen that you used to do so gracefully, maybe this time consider a wide angle turn.
**this has happened to me a little too often**

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