Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Boy...

I haven't posted an update in a LONG time! Mommy life has gotten me into this whole new world. This little boy has stolen my heart. I can completely relate with every mom out there who says that you would go anywhere, do anything, be anyone for your child.
The other day, I put him to bed and just sat there crying looking at him sleeping. It wasn't necessarily a sad cry. It was a cry to God asking Him to help me trust Him and to protect this little life. It is so out of my control, yet I have so much peace of who this child is called to be. God has given us so many pictures of him as an adult and we are so confident in that. BUT, that's not to say that I don't get fearful of losing him or him getting hurt. It would be easy to crawl up in a hole away from the world just to protect your child. But God has put him here for a reason and I need to release him to do those things.

ANYWAY, done with my rant of how much I stinking LOVE him. Here's some updates on what he's been up to (more for my documentation than anything else) :)

- He is a snuggle bug! This child has a love language of touch, I bet you anything. As soon as you hug him or hold him he completely relaxes. SO CUTE! He has a little monkey in his crib and when he goes to sleep he digs his face in it and falls asleep. If you rub his forehead, he will fall asleep. If I put him on my chest, he falls asleep.

- He sits in his bumbo and we sit him up while holding his hands. His
head is strong enough to where I don't have to support it when I hold him, which is really nice! He is such a big boy.

- He started off sleeping completely swaddled. He didn't like it at first but he got used to it because he couldn't sleep with his arms flailing all over the place. Then we went to unswaddling one arm to get him used to it at around 12 weeks. During this time he slept on his tummy during the day for naps. I wanted to be able to watch him closer since he loved to dig his face in the mattress. Then we ended up taking both arms out and swaddling his legs. Now, just last week, we started putting him on his stomach at night since he loves it and sleeps so well. That's when he really started sleeping better. I just wasn't comfortable putting him like that all night until I felt like he could move his head back and forth and he can now :)

- He is THE happiest baby that I have ever seen. I have watched a lot of babies in my life and have never met one that is so joyful like he is. Constantly laughing and smiling. Seriously, as long as he is fed... he will be up until his naptime just talking and laughing. His little gummy smile seriously melts my heart like nothing else.
Here's a video of him belly laughing at Will...

and here's a funny one showing how animated he can be....

- He definitely knows who mommy and daddy are. We go to church and he will be held by many different people and as soon as he sees me or Will he lights up and smiles. We are trying to pass him around to get him used to people (not too much so he doesn't get sick or anything)... but he loves to be with us. I'm not gonna lie... I love it!

- He is sleeping at least 7 hours a night now. I am finally feeling like a human again! We have a great sleep schedule with him. He wakes up at about 8 or 8:30 for the day. He goes down at 9:30 for a nap and then he stays on a schedule of going down an hour and a half after his last nap and then sleeping for an hour and a half. All day long. He is amazing and just kind of sets his own schedule and it works! Then once he's up at 7 or so we try to keep him up until 9:00 or 9:30 and he will sleep until 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning! It's incredible! Then he goes right back down again and sleeps until 8:30.

- I weighed him yesterday and if our scale is correct... he is 15 pounds! There is a baby at church who is 3 months older and they look like the same size. It's crazy. He is chunky and starting to get the cute baby double chin and the squeezable rolls on the legs. Big boy!

- This child LOVES bath time. And I mean, LOVES! He's a Florida boy at heart... my parents will love that! We can't wait to take him in the pool once it gets a little warmer. He goes crazy in the tub and splashes and laughs. Here's a video of when he did it the first time. Now he's gotten even crazier...

- He really only likes one pacifier. It's one that we got on sale at Target once and now they don't have them anymore. It's a NUK but it is different than the normal ones. It's this one....

He likes it I think because it sits flat against his face and the handle thing on the front doesn't stick out. So when he rubs his face back and forth on things when he falls asleep it doesn't fall out as easy. I need to find more! I still haven't checked Babies R Us, but I should!

I think that's it for now.
Will and I have been great! We are getting more and more involved in our church. We led worship last weekend for the second time and are just realizing more and more that it is what we are passionate about. We love that we get to do it together. We can't wait to do it more.

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  1. Enjoyed reading this! He is so cute!!! Love the laughing videos. I'm glad you are enjoying being a mommy so much! You are a great one.