Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My New Fashion Loves

I love fashion. I'm usually not one to follow the trends... I've never liked Abercrombie, American Eagle, Gap, etc. Not that anything is wrong with those stores... they are just not my personal style. Ever since pregnancy, I've been a little out of my fashion funk. I had to wear maternity clothes, and if you've ever been pregnant you know that there aren't a lot of options to pick from unless you're wanting to look like a grandma or like you're wearing a moo moo. Until I discovered that forever 21 and H&M (two of my favorite stores because of their variety) both have maternity clothes. YAY! So, I'm still not the weight I want to be. I'm not fat, but I still want to get to a certain weight. I still have about 15 pounds to go to my goal weight and I'm wanting to get there by 1 year postpartum. So, until then, I'm a little thrown off fashion wise. I've had to buy clothes just because they fit. Not because I necessarily like them. After you have a baby, things just don't fit correctly. I haven't been focusing at all on style... and that's fine, but I miss it. It's like art to me. I seriously don't care if anyone notices... I just have fun with it. Will and I are both that way.

Anyway, I love looking for clothes that I love and daydreaming about what I'll be able to wear once I'm in my ideal weight range. Eventually, I'd love to totally redo my wardrobe since my whole body is different... I have HIPS for the first time in my life (and other things...) :) haha. My size 2 jeans just aren't workin for me anymore... and I'm pretty sure they never will.

It's weird... although I love to look at outfits, I've found that ever since having a baby, I don't care as much about clothes or how I look. I would much rather spend time with my family and take care of them. It's awesome... I really love it.

My new FAVORITE look is the 70s fashion. I randomly just started loving it... the hairstyles, the clothes, everything. THEN, all of a sudden I see all these 70s styles in the magazines and noticed that it's the new thing I guess. So, I'm excited that some stores are selling it! I'm loving the vintage modern look right now!

Here are some of my favorite finds and inspirations....
These shoes make me drool.

I love Gwen Stefani's style... and I'm kinda goin for that hair :)

Bell bottoms, boy jeans... yessss!

Lovin this Farrah Fawcett type hair!

I love the new vintage swimsuit style that's in.

Isn't that red hair to die for?

Love the blonde hair and layers!

So 70s and it's great. Ahhhh!


  1. Laura you have GREAT fashion sense, and always have! I think it's quite a lot of work to put things together and look great, and have no doubt you will rock anything (goal weight or non-goal weight!)


  2. You should check out the blog http://bleubirdvintage.typepad.com/ because her clothes are very 70s-inspired (and original vintage pieces).

  3. yummy things!! you would love the girl's gone child blog... she has a lot of that same aesthetic... you'd love:) XOXO