Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome To Our Home

Welcome to our new rental house. Make yourself at home :)

We just signed the lease for it on Wednesday, and we move in on August 5th. So, time to get a move on packin up! Honestly, I just want to be settled. I'm tired of moving. I'm tired of not having a place to call mine. I'm excited to save up some money and move into our OWN house in a couple years. This house is totally going to make us feel so much more comfortable and settled for the time being. It is a newer house and I LOVE IT!! It's a 3 bdrm 2.5 bath. The kitchen is huge (compared to our little alley kitchen in our apartment). It's got a two car garage and lots of storage! The 3rd bedroom (Will's office) will be above the garage and it's in the corner upstairs so it will be away from all of the noise! The master bedroom is huge with a huge walk in closet. We get to let Gibson right out the door to go to the bathroom. Plus, the owner is keeping his huge flatscreen TV there because he is a missionary and doesn't want to keep it in storage while he's out of the country.

Anyway, it's awesome and we are so excited. Even though it won't be "ours" it will at least be more private than an apartment (and less noisy). It will be a good place for Cai to start growing up at least for the next year.

The day after we signed the lease, we found out that Will is probably going to have to be looking for new work. Kind of a bummer. Actually a BIG bummer. But, through all our moving across country, we did learn that God truly is the ONE provider. We can't help but be encouraged that God had us sign that lease the night before Will found that out. We felt complete peace about it, so we know God is in this.

So, here goes another fun adventure. Yikes!

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  1. Oh boy! it looks so pretty and big! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!