Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Pea

I had my first bout of "morning sickness" today. Whoever called it that is crazy. I have had it ALL day. It doesn't go away. It's a really bad feeling. My stomach is doing somersaults, I think.

Anyway, other than that, things are goin good. Hopefully this isn't a sign of what's to come for weeks and weeks. Yikes.

We've had a great weekend! Will had Friday and today off, so we have just relaxin to the max :)

Will lead worship on Sunday at Bethany's north campus, which was cool. So much fun. Life here has just been so great for us. We totally didn't expect to love it this's just been so awesome. Louisiana, we can tell, will just be an awesome place for us to put our home for a while. We are excited about establishing our family here. The only downside is that they have awful Mexican food, which (of course) for us was a huge bummer! But let's change the subject because just the thought of it makes me want to throw up.

ANYWAY... I cooked some chicken drumsticks last night (I'll be honest, it was my first time). We use the George Foreman grill for everything... so we figured it would be fine to cook in there. Well, nope! Apparently the chicken wasn't cooked all the way. Will has been sick all day to his stomach... and it just didn't help the situation for me. I was already feeling nauseous before that. Way to go, Laura. Now just the mere thought of a chicken drumstick literally had me gagging. Gross!!

So, I have my first prenatal doctor appointment tomorrow. To be honest, I am not excited at all. I am so nervous!! I am just praying for good news. I am sure everything will be fine, but it's just those inital unknowns that every woman goes through in the beginning. I've just heard so many bad stories and read so many awful ones online... so it's my own fault. Will just keeps reassuring me. So, I will have to put an update up after that.

As for any other news... I can't tell if I'm just bloated or what... but my stomach is starting to pooch out already. Not as much as the first time I took a picture... that was just ridiculous. Kinda funny actually. My stomach has actually shrunken a little bit and now it's a little harder. My book says that everything is growing in preparation for the baby... so it's not just the baby that grows, but my organs, the placenta, and all the extra room for holding that water weight. Right now, I just feel like I ate too much. I can't suck it in. Will loves it :)

I'm really hoping for an ultrasound tomorrow. I'm pretty sure they'll do one but I'm not so sure. One piece of good news is that I called today to ask about our insurance coverage and the lady on the other line said "wow, you guys have the best coverage. I wish mine was that good." Something you always want to hear when you first get pregnant. Apparently it will only be $20 for the first copay and then 100% covered after that. Then, for delivery, it will only be $250 the day that I have the baby. Then everything after that is 100% covered. So, we are so thankful that we don't have to worry about stupid little charges here and there.

So, this is what our little sweet pea (literally) is up to this week.

Growing like crazy, baby is starting to sprout eyes, ears, nose, cheeks and chin. Those little hands and feet- still webbed like paddles- might wiggle by week's end, the heart is beating (almost twice as fast as yours !), and blood is starting to circulate.

SO AMAZING! God is so cool!


  1. So excited to live this with you sweetie! Also glad you're taking the time to write it down! Grandma loves it!!!! Love you! Cheech

  2. It's weird...I didn't "feel" bloated and have that puffing out issue until my 3rd pregnancy, but BOY did it stink! It's terrible how you can't suck it in. That feeling goes away after a while, but just in time for the actual womb to start being the cause of "showing." Ha!

    I'm sad that none of us will be around you to see the baby all the time and help you a lot. :( We'll have to plan lots of visits.