Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cars, Bleeding gums, and Embarassing moments

Some weekend updates...

Friday - We drove an hour and a half to the other side of Atlanta (yes, it takes that long) to go see a car. We sold our Honda Element a couple weeks ago because the suicide doors were really annoying to put the car seat in and out of. So, we decided we would go check out some cars. We show up and the car totally wasn't what we expected. When we asked the people over the phone if everything was working right and if the tires were good, we expected some honesty. But, they didn't tell us about the power locks not working (annoying) and the tires were completely bald. The car also didn't have cruise control (uh, no thanks!) and was dirty on the inside. Now, this is what I totally don't understand. People need to clean the inside of their cars if they want to sell it. I mean, come on, impress us a little. Take us on a date. Woo us. Ok, maybe don't go that far, but you know what I mean. On top of that, the people offered to watch our kid while we test drove their car. Uh, what??? That's weird. I've heard about those craigslist weirdos that meet up with people and steal their kids or babies. So, instead, they rode with us while we were test driving. Which is awkward because you can't at all talk about what you don't like about the car. SOOO, we ended up passing on the whole shebang and got some not-so-good mexican food and drove another 1.5 hours home. Oh well, it's the experience that counts. Why does Atlanta have to be so darn huge??

Saturday - We had band practice in the morning which is always a blast. Have I mentioned before how much we LOVE OUR CHURCH and everyone in it? We even had two people forget to come and it was still great. Right after that Will and I headed to (surprise, surprise) Trader Joes where we stocked up for a couple weeks. Annnnd.... did I mention how muc
h I love that place too? Ugh, I'm in love.

Sunday - We woke up at 6, got to church by 8, and started practice. This is always really hard for me because of the baby. I have to make sure he's fed and changed all while watching him during practice and then passing him over to someone all ready to go before we start. I had JUST made it... giving him to a friend at 9:55 right before church started at 10. But, I LOVE doing worship so it's really no big deal. Just tiring. Worship went really well... except for the HUGE mess up that I did. Woops. Will lead the first 2 songs... went great. I was supposed to lead the next 2 songs but I got super confused. The whole service I was kind of feeling like my brain wasn't there (not the best feeling when you know you have to lead a big group of people). I seriously had the hardest time and later found out that Will did too. Well, Will ended his second song and started going into some prophetic singing, but I thought he was starting MY song. NOPE! So, he starts using the same piano sound that he was going to use for my song. I just think in my head "ok, he's starting it a new way, whatever..." sooooo I start singing my song in a totally different key and tempo! Will looks so confused, as does the rest of the band, and I immediately knew I messed up. I saw Will panic a little and start to tell the band what to do. The band wasn't catching on. So, through my confusion and what I knew would just be messy through the rest of the song, decide to shut it down and precede to say, "Ok.... sorry. I totally just messed up. I'm not even going to play it off like I didn't just mess up because everyone knows I just did." Feeling like an idiot at this point... and Will's face is beaming red. I just laugh and everyone laughed with me. Then everyone broke out cheering for me, but not in a "oh I am going to clap for that waiter who just dropped all those plates to make him feel like an idiot way".... in a "we love you, Laura, and you are so awesome" way. Did I MENTION how awesome our church is?? The rest of the service went just as planned, but it was kind of my first big mess up in my worship leading experience. I hope I don't have any more. I actually had about 15 people separately come up to me after the service and tell me specific things that God was teaching them while I lead worship. SO AWESOME. I love how God turns things around for good... and also encouraged me afterwards.
Anyway... that was interesting :)
We had a great rest of the day going to, none other than, Moes for lunch. I love me some Moes! And then we headed home to take a much needed nap because we were running around so much during the weekend. We were going to do something that night, but Cai was so off schedule (and so were we) that we just crashed.

Monday - Not interesting enough to share :)

Tuesday - Woke up bright and early to go to my favorite place in the world! Did I say favorite? I meant, most awful place in the world! The dentist. I knew I would hate it. I went when I was pregnant and they told me I had 6 cavities because the baby was depleting my nutrients... but they weren't able to fill them since I was prego. So, here I was, a year later getting them checked out. This hygienist was AWFUL. It makes me want to laugh... and cry... at the same time. You know the cleaning is going to be bad when your eyes start watering and your gums start bleeding even before she starts. She was just doing the periodontal check and pushing that sharp metal torturous tool deep into my gums. "Um, maam? Can you please check my teeth with something else? Say... your soft finger??" SHEESH. So, here I was giving myself the ultimate pep talk, "ok, Laura... you can do this. You just gave birth to an 8 pound baby. Nothing is worse than that" So, I prepared myself. She was the worst. You know the part where they scrape your
teeth with that awful sharp metal torturous tool by the gums? Well, she like DUG and stabbed them. Then she said, "you need to make sure you floss every day. Your gums are bleeding!". No, I'm pretty sure my gums are bleeding because you are sticking that sharp metal torturous tool deep into them. If you did that to my eye, it would bleed too. Does that mean I have to floss my eyes too? I was so mad, and basically crying from how bad it hurt. Then she flossed. Oh the agony. I have never had a hygienist break the floss, much less break it 10 times. She was so rough that the floss kept breaking. And then, because of it, I would get pieces of floss stuck in my teeth. So, she got the heavy duty floss out and flossed as hard and as fast as she could through each tooth (that she already flossed). The doctor came in and gave me the same "6 cavities" talk. I know, I know. But, when I got the bill, I noticed it would be once I paid over a thousand dollars (with insurance!) to get them all filled. Yes, I would love to pay you some of our house savings so you can torture me some more :)
Later that day, Will and I went to Hobby Lobby because I have decided to take up sewing. I'm "sew" excited (haha, I'm sew funny). The patterns were .99 cents. Oh my gosh. These patterns were originally $20 and I was getting them for .99! AHHH! They. Are. Awesome. So, I will be doing those soon. But, my very first project is to make a simple skirt. I will let you know how that goes. We sat in Hobby Lobby for an hour looking at patterns. I love my husband :)

Here is Cai Cai playing drums :)

And here he is "talking" to me this morning.

And this was the precious view I had when I woke up today...

I love my boys.

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