Thursday, April 28, 2011

We are okay

I am exhausted. Needless to say, going through a storm like we had last night can take it out of you. But, hey, at least we are ok and safe! I don't know if you watched the news at all or not last night, or the past couple days, but the crazy storms that were in Alabama and Tennessee came for our area last night. If for some reason you didn't know about it, here's a clip from when it hit GA.

It was a good thing I checked my Iphone weather app, otherwise we wouldn't have known about it. Will and I don't have any cable on our TV, so we are never caught up with the news. I randomly felt like we should go online and watch the live weather forecast. As soon as we did they said started talking about our area, "everyone in Newnan needs to take immediate cover. The tornados will pass through in about 10 minutes. It is 5 miles away going 35 miles an hour." Yikes!! We had been watching the news about how Alabama was clobbered... that the death count was up to 70 at the time and that 2 people had already died in northwest Georgia. THEN, our ears start popping... which was scary. You know that it means that the pressure has changed in the area and that a tornado is coming. The lights start flickering and I almost peed my pants. Ha ha not really. I ran in to wake the baby up and get him out of his room. We are on the top floor of a 3 story apartment building so we weren't really in the safest place. Plus, we couldn't get in our cars at this point because it was too late to go anywhere. I think the car would have been the most dangerous. So, we just prayed over every wall in our place and that we would be protected. We took the baby (and even the dog) into our little guest bathroom and sat on the floor while watching a live forecast on Will's computer. We had to stay in there for an hour... that's how big the storm was. They kept showing circles on the maps representing funnel clouds... right over Newnan! I'm still not sure where the tornados hit exactly but we definitely heard some crazy weather outside. Not to mention the lightning was so bright!

So we just prayed since we really had no where to go and God totally protected us!

So far we've noticed that, although Georgia doesn't have earthquakes or Hurricanes, they can get some pretty crazy storms. Last year when we moved here, we heard the craziest thunder and the lightning was nothing like I've ever seen. I remember asking Will if he was sure that we weren't getting bombed... I was serious, that's how it sounded! We heard a HUGE boom and it shook everything in our place and even made our metal bed start ringing. The next day, we went outside about 50 feet from our building and saw that the lightning had struck a tree and there was a huge hole in the ground from where it had burned out all of the roots.

So.... that's something to think about when buying our house, eh? Something with a basement!!


  1. so glad y'all are okay! i wasn't aware of the storm but it sounds like it was scary... makes me hum that old amy grant song, "god has angels watchin' over me..." loveU! (when you are back to normal, will you email me? there is something exciting/cool/interesting i want to run past you!)

  2. SO glad you guys are okay, laura!!! mighty angel go before you!! kyra & alisa miss you guys! ps. 91