Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sheri, Gavin and Garrett

It's May 5th... 2 years from when our friend and her two young boys were murdered. Sheri worked with Will and we went to church with her. She was the sweetest person. Seriously, when I picture the definition of happiness, I picture her. She ALWAYS had a smile on, and, from the outside you would never guess that anything could ever be wrong. She loved the Lord and missions and loved her kids.

They concluded, after a 7 day trial, that her husband Chris is guilty of murdering all of them. This is such a relief to so many people. After seeing so many of my friends deal with deep hurts over this for the past 2 years because they were so close to Sheri, it is nice to finally have an answer.

I don't even want to talk about the evil that happened or the details anymore. The only way that anything like that can happen is through pure demonic evil, and it doesn't even deserved to be talked about. Sheri, Gavin, and Garrett are now with Jesus and satan didn't win.

There are so many, "I wish I noticed this..." or "I wish I knew that..." running through my mind. There's thoughts in my mind like when I talked to her for the last time a couple days before her death. She looked really sad... that was the only time I've ever seen her sad. She talked about her "knee surgery"... which really wasn't knee surgery. The fact that Chris and Sheri both attended our wedding and reception just a short 6 months before. I can't help but think about those things. I remember the day that it happened... Will called me while I was at school and I was crying all day long. I couldn't even go 5 more minutes at school, I had to leave. I could barely drive home.

I can't dwell on the sadness. I am glad that they have found him to be guilty. On none other than the 2nd anniversary.

Thank you, Jesus, for bringing justice. I just hope that Sheri's memory lives on of what a joyful person she was to be around. The memories that everyone has of her little boys at church... always behaving well and having so much fun with their friends. Those are the memories I want to remember. I pray for her family to be comforted, for friends to be comforted, for Joyce Meyer to not get discouraged through all of this.

I never thought I would know a murderer... much less know one that so violently killed his own family. It's a very weird thought. But, I do know that God is good, despite the evil in the world. He turns all things around for good... and always will. He is faithful.

We miss you Sheri, Gavin and Garrett!

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