Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh Please Help Us

Our little boy is starting to get up in the middle of the night for his pacifier. He cries until one of us comes and puts it back in his mouth. Probably 3 times a night. We have continued to do it because, welp, it's just plain easier. Now it's biting us in the tush. I am in the process of getting rid of his pacifier for sleep time. I'm going cold turkey with it because I'm not one of those who can easily just do the whole wean for months thing. If we're getting rid of it, we're doing it now. Kinda stinks... for all of us. So, so far he has been crying non stop for his morning nap. Poor kid! Never does that. I have been going in every 5 minutes to pat his back, and not pick him up, but he continues to cry. He wants that dang paci!!! I'm realizing that he is old enough now to self soothe and, as much as I hate when he cries, it's kind of my first step at helping him overcome something that's tough as a parent. Tough for me and him (and Will and Gibson...). I know if I don't teach him how to do this, he will never learn on his own. And he'll be newly married and won't be able to fall asleep on his honeymoon without his wife sticking a pacifier in his mouth and patting his back. Ok, maybe it won't be that bad. But we need some sanity in this house!

All you veteran moms.... WHAT DO I DO? Any tips on how to get him to nap/ sleep at night without a paci?



  1. I feel your pain. That is no fun at all. Boden didn't take a paci so we never had to deal with it with him. Claire on the other hand LOVES her paci. We sort of tried taking it away a few different times over the past year, but then something always happened (travel, sick, etc) that made it just easier to give it back to her. About 3 months ago I tried taking it away by recommendation of our pediatrician - she said 15 mo was a good age - so I wouldn't give it to her at naptime. The poor thing cried for 3 hours and would not fall asleep. This tired pregnant mama decided paci's aren't that bad and she can keep it - but only at bedtime/naptime. Terrible I know, I should have stuck with it, but she was just such an amazing sleeper that I didn't want to ruin it.

    So, I tell you my failed attempted only to encourage you that you are doing the right thing! It will be so much easier now than if you wait like we did. It will be hard for a few days, but at that age they forget so quickly and he will learn quickly how to soothe himself.

    Praying for sleep for all of you!

  2. i will start my comment the same way megan did... "i feel your pain." denver gave up his paci at around 6 months. i realized that as he began to teethe, he liked to chew on the pacifier almost more than suck on it. so i began giving him other things to chew on (cold teething rings, celery sticks, etc.). we had 3 or so nights where he cried for like 25 minutes in the middle of the night, waiting for me to come in and give him a pacifier and rock him back to sleep. everyone told me this, but now i believe it's true... if you can last a few rough nights, you've made it. babies are surprisingly fast learners. hope it goes well! keep us updated.

  3. All babies love to suck......if it isn't a pacifier, it could become a thumb. That is harder to take away in the future. I say if it calms him, let him have it...(just my opinion) Pretty sure he won't go to kindergarten with a pacifier ! Hang in there Toodles !