Monday, June 28, 2010

Micaiah Gabriel Stern

BOY! We just found out today. I'm 17 weeks and 1 day today and we ended up having to have an earlier ultrasound than planned, but we are so thankful for it.

Our baby boy is measuring perfect in all areas. Actually, the sonographer said that, as of now, he is weighing in the 85th percentile. Big baby :) But, she said it probably wouldn't matter this early on. I still think it's cute because I love chunky babies.

I knew it all along. What they say is true; a mother's instinct is usually right. I just kept feeling like we were having a boy. Will and I would catch ourselves calling it a "him" so many times. We also always felt like we would have a boy first. Although we won't be able to dress him up in frilly dresses and put bows in his hair (well, I guess we could but that would be so wrong), we are so excited about his little life. His calling, his gifts, his love for God, AND putting him in skinny jeans and chuck taylors ;)
We had a prophetic word over our kids before we moved to BR. The guy said that our son would "play the drums of war." How sweet is that? And, what's funny about it... the baby looked like he was playing drums when we were watching him on the ultrasound, lol. He is such an active baby. Sonographer says that's a good thing... he's healthy. I feel him ALL the time now. I LOVVVVE it too! Best feeling ever and I never want it to stop. Although it's a little weird, I just cherish it. It definitely feels more like kicks these days... little ones. But they are more pronounced than they used to be. The other night I felt him moving around a lot so I put my hand on my stomach where he was and he kicked my hand! So strange! I love our little drummer boy :)
He is measuring out perfect and his heart beat is now at 146 beats. We got to see his heart beating on the ultrasound, his profile (including a precious little nose), his arms and legs flailing around. The sonographer could barely get pictures because he just kept moving.
I love seeing Will at the appointments. It gives me a little glimpse at what a good dad he will be. He just kept smiling as big as he could and said he would cry every time he saw the heart. What a sweet man. I'm so blessed to have him. Being pregnant has made me love him even more. He spoils me too :) (gets me as many slurpees as I want).

After the appointment, we headed to Babies R Us because I just couldn't wait to start registering. Wow, was that a process. Fun, but tiring. There are SO many dang things to register for for such a small human. But, since we are starting at ground zero, we kind of need it all. Thankfully, my mom and dad have already gotten us some big item purchases such as a stroller, a breast pump, and a baby carrier. This baby is already so loved. We were there for about 2 hours just going through the list and scanning everything we thought we would need (without going overboard). Our feet were pounding by the end. And we still have Target to go to tomorrow (but that should be easier).
Will also let me get ONE outfit for the baby this time. I was so excited and we ended up getting a onesie that says "rockstar" on it. When we got it home we realized that there are drums in the background :) Neither of us realized. I think the little boy picked it out himself haha.

I have also decided on a yellow/grey/white nursery for our little guy. I'm not one for nursery bedding sets or for perfectly matching things, so it will probably be a completely random set of things... but I will love it that way. I'm thinking about hitting up some antique stores and some craigslist ads to add some different vintage things in there. Only downside is that we can't paint in our townhome, BUT we may be moving soon to a different place so we may be looking for a more permanent place like a rental home or something. Anyway, I'm so excited to nest!

We are SO excited for this little life to enter our home in about 5 months. I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I'm just thankful he is growing how he should and that there are no concerns. He just a little mover and a shaker.

It's nice to finally be able to call him "HIM" and to call him by name.

Here's our sweet little boy, Micaiah Gabriel. How is it that I love him so much already?

First things first.... :)

Our skeletor

Oh his profile kills me

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You will just love having a little boy. They are so sweet. I'm so excited for you and Will - you will be amazing parents. :)

    I totally know what you mean about registering. When I was pregnant with Boden we went to BRU for the first time and I was overwhelmed - we just left without registering that day! There is just SO MUCH STUFF! Just take your time and you'll figure out what you need and what you don't.