Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Walk To 40 Weeks

We got an idea from this BLOG to do a picture like this. We are really wanting to start a scrapbook after the baby is born of all the maternity pics. But we didn't want them to just be ordinary pictures anymore. So, we are also starting the "Walk to 40 Weeks" ... starting at week 15 :) We also want to write little notes to the baby that we can put in the book too. So here's our first one!


  1. What a NEAT idea! I might have to steal else can I make this pregnancy special, being number 4 and all? I barely had any pics of Jadyn's pregnancy, but Meghan W. took some in like month 7 of me with the other girls and my mom, so that was cool.

    That other woman from the blog was so pretty and chic...wish my pregnancies looked that good! HA!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Did you see the birth video Ryan (Pacing the Panic Room) did for baby Leo? ohmytears! So wonderful.