Friday, September 3, 2010

Handsome Little Buddy

Can I just say that I am in LOVE with this little boy. How is it possible that I love someone that so much that I haven't even met? Well, I guess we have spent a whole almost 7 months together... but we have never officially met. He's already got my heart and I am so in awe of how perfect he is developing.
The 3d/4d ultrasound experience was really fun. Despite the fact that the lady that did it was the owner and super business-like... so she stopped our ultrasound literally on the dot on 10 minutes (and she was running late and had people waiting). We just wish she would have gone a little more above and beyond than she did, but oh well. We got some good pics of our little guy and I already cherish them so much. I've looked at them probably 500 times. We got a DVD of the whole ultrasound where we can see him moving around and what not, which will be fun to keep later on.
Cai was sleeping the whole time. He didn't want to move :) I was surprised because normally he is moving like crazy, especially when you try to move him. He looked very content where he was. She said he obviously liked to snuggle because he was pressed up against the placenta and wouldn't budge (which is why in some of the pics his nose looks squished). She also double checked to make sure he was a boy... and yep! Definitely is a boy still. He just looked so sweet even in the womb. Just the way he was putting his hands up to his face and smiling (smiled 3 times)... it seriously made my heart melt! I just can't wait to kiss that sweet little nose of his and smell his head. I just want to hold him already!! As for who I think he looks like as of now... I really have no idea. I do think that he has my nose from when I was a baby. Other than that, I can't tell. All I know is he is the cutest thing ever.

Sleeping and rubbing his eyes...

This is our favorite. Those sweet little lips and nose are so adorable.
She said he was blowing out his cheeks in this one

His mouth was opening and closing here. He was taking a drink:)

Smiling :)

Smiling again

His hand blocking his face. Telling us to leave him alone haha

Love those cheeks!

Yawning. She said that it looks like he has a dimple on his cheek. How cute would that be?

Big yawn


This one made us laugh because he looks like a black baby. Will has always said he wants a black baby haha. The ultrasound made his nose and lips look huge. It's funny :)

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