Friday, November 5, 2010

6 Pound Baby

I'm starting to get antsy. I want this baby to come out! Everyone has warned me that the last month is the hardest because you are in the most anticipation. Welp, I definitely feel that.

I'm also frustrated that I can't do normal things. Every day things are so dang hard! Making dinner, cleaning, bending over, shaving my legs, clipping my toenails, putting on my shoes, rolling over, getting off the couch, taking the dog for a walk, going out to do things...... ahhhh!!! I'm starting to go crazy. But, just in time because he is about to be here anyway and pretty soon all the pregnancy discomforts will be gone... and he'll be in my arms. I've just never been so excited to work out in my life. To go for a run, or to do some jumping jacks.... heck, just to even walk around the mall. My feet have been swelling like crazy. My midwife says that they're really not that bad and she's seen a lot worse... but yesterday, they were totally cankles. All I could do was laugh about it though.

Went to the midwife yesterday. Baby is still doing well. She estimates that he is about 6 pounds right now and will probably be in the 8 pound range by the time he comes (assuming he comes at 40 weeks). I was really surprised... but, considering I was 8lbs 7oz, I guess I really shouldn't be. She said that it is a really good thing because that is a very healthy weight. She also said that "bigger" babies aren't any more difficult to deliver. Whew. That's a relief. I just can't believe he's a 6 pound baby right now. I mean, 6 pound babies are born into the world all the time healthily. He is a full grown baby. Craziness.

Also, with the whole hiccuping a thousand times a day... I found out that it just means that he's practicing his breathing. He will "inhale" the fluid and swallow it and when he gets hiccups it is strengthening his diaphragm. He's gonna have nice healthy lungs when he comes out.

The midwife also said that it looks like he has dropped into the pelvis. I'm really excited about this because it means that we're that much closer to meeting him. I knew he had dropped in the past week because all of a sudden I felt tons of pressure and like I have to pee every 5 seconds (even if nothing comes out). I thought I had a go a lot before.... now it's ridiculous.

All I can say at this point is.... I am REALLY READY to have this baby. That doesn't at all mean that I am miserable, because I'm not. I actually didn't expect to feel this good in my 9th month of pregnancy. BUT, I am totally excited to not only finally have him here, but to have my body back too and to not feel like a couch bum anymore. I really don't have the energy to do anything anymore.... and I definitely couldn't if I wanted to without my feet swelling like balloons. So, the Lord is teaching me patience in this season. Just to be still.

One of our prayers is that the Lord would bring Cai RIGHT when he's ready and healthy to. So, even if it's 2 weeks early... that would ROCK. And we will also be confident that if he is late, that is also because he is not ready yet. We are confident in the Lord's plan.

Please be praying for strength and patience over me... and for a healthy little boy to keep growing how he is supposed to. :)

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