Wednesday, November 24, 2010

38 Week Appointment - Getting Closer!

Another wonderful weekly update on baby Stern. Little guy is anxious to get out of there... and I'm anxious to get him out. I'm closing up shop if he doesn't come out soon! Haha just kidding. He can take his sweet ol' time if he pleases. I don't mind a few extra days enjoying my little man just me and him.

First, yesterday I went to interview another pediatrician. She was referred to me by several people at church, so I figured I'd like her. She was amazing. I am so glad that I found her. She is super conservative with vaccinations and totally supported me with my convictions on them. She actually encouraged me not to get some of them even before I told her my concerns with them. She thinks that the vaccination schedule these days is way too much for a newborn. She also spent tons of time talking to me and understanding my family history. She also gave me some tips on getting through these past days/weeks of pregnancy. So, finally, Cai will have a doctor to go to once he's born. Exciting.

Went to the midwife today again. First of all, good news that he is in the right position. After she told us last week that he was posterior, I have been working really hard on getting him turned around. I have been leaning on an exercise ball, trying not to recline or put up my feet, I've been on my hands and knees a lot. It's been uncomfortable but I REALLY didn't want to go through labor with a posterior baby knowing that it is way more painful and can add many hours onto labor. SO... I've been trying to let gravity do its thing to turn him around. And, she checked him today and said that he is in a great position! YAY because I definitely thought that he was still posterior. Basically, from me looking down on my belly, he is facing my back and his back and butt are all the way along my left side (which is why I constantly have a protruding butt sticking out) haha. And I feel his kicks mostly on my right side. She said that his butt sticks out a lot because he is stretching. Which makes sense... newborn babies are always doing that cute little stretch thing.
She also felt around my belly and said that his head is even lower and it can't get any lower. Basically, he is right in position for delivery. Crazy to think that he is in the spot he will be in for when I start pushing. Let me tell ya... this past week, I can definitely feel it!! He has dropped so low that it is painful to walk. I also was up for about 3 hours last night because my back was hurting so bad. Another indicator that he's ready to come out. Yesterday and today I have been having constant contractions (irregular) and can for sure feel my body doing some strange things. I'm great with my body doing whatever it wants to get ready for labor. That just means less to do when I actually AM in labor. The midwife said that usually people go into labor about 2 weeks after the baby has officially dropped. Well, the boy dropped about 2 weeks ago way into the birth canal. She said... "see ya next week... unless I see you before..." That's a weird thought.

My sister, Christen, is coming and will be here tonight. It would be really cool if he decided to make his grand entrance with his aunt Christen around. It wouldn't surprise me... she has a party everywhere she goes and everyone loves to be around her. She has more friends than anyone I've ever met. Micaiah is probably just excited to meet her :)
We plan on doing a LOT of movie watching and chilling out. She is so sweet and is making breakfast for us tomorrow and then is going to make some turkey, potatoes, cornbread, stuffing and pumpkin pie for us. I'm so spoiled. My midwife warned me not to stuff myself... she said that I may be miserable if I gain too much more weight and the baby still hasn't come by next week. But she can't see how that would happen considering he is about to fall out lol.

Anyway, I'm just here with my irregular contractions... wondering when they will turn into real ones. I'm being spoiled by my husband (whom I totally don't deserve) and soon I will be spoiled by my sister. I'm having constant heartburn (which is weird and random because I thought it went away) and I'm still hoping that the whole heartburn connection with a full head of hair is true. I'm just waiting and honestly loving it and taking everything in. This is my first baby and the beginning of a very huge and defining season for our little family. Time is, surprisingly, going by fast... even though I may not realize it right now. I still can't believe that I am only about a week away from the due date and next week is DECEMBER!? I'm enjoying my last days as a single couple with my hubby. We can't wait to meet our boy, but even through all the discomfort and anxiousness to see him... we are just enjoying life.

SO.... that's the update. Only the baby knows when he will come. So, don't ask me why I'm still pregnant, or tell me I look huge. Otherwise, I'll either smack you or I'll tell you that YOU look huge. Just kidding :)
But, seriously, I'm surprised at some of the awkward and so completely naive things that people say to a pregnant woman. It baffles me.

We are just waiting, like everyone else. I'm not sure of the exact date. So, we will update everyone and you will know when he is here because we will be posting a picture asap!!

Hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving, thanking the One who is truly deserving of our praise and taking time to notice how good He is to us. Jesus, You are so good!!

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