Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Learning to Relax

Things are going good this week so far. Probably the hardest week I've had in my pregnancy, physically, but still going fine.
Yesterday was the most miserable with swelling.. but my most incredible husband (seriously he is) put my feet in a bucket of water, massaged them, and cleaned up the house. Gosh he is so great. I feel like our kids are the luckiest kids on the planet to have him as a dad.

Anyway, the back pain has begun. I don't like to complain about all these things because I know it just means that he is coming. It means that he is that much closer to being here. The swollen feet and hands just mean that he is pushing harder on all those blood vessels. The hurting back means that he's falling down further. It's exciting... while still uncomfortable. I do have an occasional break down here and there just because it hurts sometimes. But, I quickly snap out of it. My son will be here so soon!! I think my back hurts mainly because he is still posterior (from what I can tell). His spine is pushing against mine at this point, and it's causing some back pain. I've been trying everything possible to get him turned around. We got an exercise ball which has been awesome. I lean over it so that the gravity will (hopefully) make his back fall the other way. Even if I start labor with him in posterior, I'm having faith that he will turn. I'm also having more and more Braxton Hicks, which are sometimes kind of painful. My body is definitely starting to move along. Whether he is early, late, or right on time... my body is doing just what it needs to do.

My oldest sister, Christen, decided randomly yesterday that she would be coming to ATL to visit us this week. I am super close to both of my sisters, so I am really excited to see her. She is one of those people that is so easy to have around. She said she will just sit and watch movies if we want (which has been a lot of what I do anyway). She's so thoughtful and encouraging... I'm thinking this is the perfect time for her to come. Plus, she is convinced that I am going to go into labor this week. Haha. We will see about that. I'm trying not to think about it.

And, along those lines, I decided that I am taking a Facebook break. Probably until the baby is born. I have found that Facebook makes it even harder for me to mentally deal with the last couple weeks of being pregnant. I already have tons of people asking me if the baby is here yet day to day (which I love), but having it constantly on Facebook is hard for me. I also have found that I can't quite keep up with messages and phone calls lately. I'm having a hard time as it is just sitting on a couch, much less keeping up with emails and phone calls. I realize that this is a time in my life where it's ok to worry about myself. That's not to say I don't completely enjoy catching up with people... but I feel overwhelmed a little bit with how many people have asked to talk to me before I go into labor. I'm trying to keep my head calm and try to stay encouraged with the Lord and what He has told me about how he will provide during labor. So, for now, I'm going to stick with that and after the baby is out... I will be able to have an awesome testimony of His goodness and how He was there for me. So... I just thought people should know that just in case they feel like I'm not getting back with them. It's a weird season for me (since it is so new) and I'm trying to soak it all in.
Will's rule for me today was to not think about when baby is coming. I am allowed to be excited, but I need to just live my life like it is any other day. I'm not as mobile, so I just need to read a book or watch a movie. I need to recharge before he gets here. (Once again... what a good husband!).

So, that's what's up for now. Tomorrow we have our midwife appointment. Can't wait to see what they say this week :)

I'm still going to keep everyone updated on my blog, so don't worry!! :) haha.

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