Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Walk Through The Years

Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary. I can't believe that it has already been 2 years since that frigid cold day in November. The funny thing is, I didn't care one bit that it was 30 degrees and we were outside for 2 hours taking pictures. I was so enthralled with Will and so excited to be his wife. I felt like I was in a different world and nothing else mattered.
Today, I feel even MORE that way. I am so in love with this man that God has given me and feel incredibly blessed that God chose him for me. I truly feel undeserving... which makes it even more special.
We have been reminiscing and talking about the past 2 years... and all we can come up with is how much we love how much more we've fallen in love. There is so much more grace for each other in our marriage, there is so much more understanding, so much more just pure love for each other. It's beautiful :) Even through the, what most would consider, "hard times" that we've had... they have surprisingly brought us so much closer. Most newlyweds don't have to move across country twice in 6 months. Or most newlyweds don't have to have 3 different jobs, 3 different places to live, and 4 different churches in 6 months. This past year has definitely been interesting... but God gave us so much grace to go through it together that now all we can say is how extremely BLESSED we are because we came through it together and our marriage is stronger because of it. Isn't it great how God works? I trust Will more than ever before. He is the best spiritual leader and so dependable. I LOVE the thought of depending on him. It's wonderful.

Anyway, happy anniversary to my one and only love. Thanks for these amazing past 2 years and for always sticking closer to me every day!! Can't wait to see you as a dad in a couple weeks. I will love you even MORE (and I don't know how that is possible). You are incredible.
Love you, Will Stern :)

A look at our relationship through the years....

Will invited me to The Call. Afterwards, he sat by me on the bus ride home and decided that he would officially "pursue" dating me :)
Will asked me on our first date. Best night ever. He showed up in a tie and coat with flowers in hand. Took me to Maggianos for a nice dinner and then to a fun coffee place afterwards.
We took a trip early on in our relationship to visit my sister and RC in Columbus. Our very first road trip together.
MARCH 2008
I was in Florida visiting my family at the same time Will was in Florida with his family. They invited me to come up for a couple days to spend time with them. He also met my family for the first time.
Will is always making me cry when I laugh. He is so funny.
APRIL 2008
Early days of dating at Destiny.
MAY 2008
Random pictures in the park with Will's new camera.
JUNE 2008
Will met all of my dad's side of the family at my grandma's 80th birthday party.
Putt putt with my fam.
The airplane ride home, right before he proposed.
JUNE 30TH 2008
Proposed once we got home. I was a happy girl!
Engagement pics.

After 10 months of dating and engagement, we tied the knot.
THE kiss.
First dance to the song he wrote me.
Cake in the face :)
Freezing cold, but I didn't care.


About to take an evening boat ride over to Kokomo.
Stuck in the ocean on this stupid thing, going in circles.

Horseback riding through the Jamaican mountains.
Marriage license. It's official.
First Christmas.
Loving the snow.
MARCH 2009
First trip to Sanibel as a married couple.
On the boat with my parents.
MAY 2009
Decided to buy some chickens when we visited my sister in Kentucky. Goes down as one of our favorite memories :)

Decided to buy this little guy. BEST dog!!
FALL 2009
Frantically getting our house ready to sell once we decided to move.
Visited my family for my dad's 60th birthday. Went to Disney World.
We were, randomly, at the doctor's office with my grandma when she got the bad news that she had pancreatic cancer. She passed away 3 months later... but we were so excited to be able to spend time with her.
Christmas 2009
Taking me to our favorite sushi restaurant for my 23rd.
March 2010
Found a place to live while in Louisiana.
APRIL 2010
Official move out date. We loved our first house.
The HUGE moving truck that poor Will had to drive for 13+ hours. Not fun.
About an hour into the move to Louisiana, I get a call from the doctor that I am pregnant. Talk about huge life changes all at once!
Having some fun in Louisiana at some plantations.
4th of July in the Baton Rouge heat waiting for the fireworks.
Our first crawfish boil.

Decided that we are moving to Atlanta. Out to dinner to celebrate (we were excited to leave LA).
Found out that our baby is a BOY.
We had to move within a week of deciding. Poor Will had to do all the moving since I was halfway through my pregnancy. He packed the entire huge truck in 105 degree weather. Louisiana has the WORST summers I have ever felt. Miserable. He's a trooper.
My sister and RC visited since we lived a little closer.

Getting closer to having the baby. Got a 4D ultrasound of the little guy.
Picture from last night with the flowers he got me for our 2 years.
36.5 week picture of the big man.
Maggianos for our 2 year anniversary. One of our last official dates before Micaiah gets here.

What a journey!!!! So glad I had an amazing man to walk through everything with.

Can't wait for MANY more years with you, babe!!

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