Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcome To Cai's Room

The little guy's room is officially done. Well, we still have 4 frames to hang and put pictures in on one wall... but, besides that, it's done.

Take a peek :)

Pic from the doorway. New dark grey curtains from Ikea, new changing table, chair from craigslist, lamp from Ikea, owl picture from goodwill, rug from Ikea.

Can't wait to sit here with him.

His changing table. Diapers, clothes, towels, bibs, etc.

View of the new freshly painted yellow wall, his Ikea crib, the cool decor in the corner that my sister gave me.

The crib and the cute stuff above it.

Closet and ipod deck with non-stop worship playing :)
Just got those the other day from goodwill. Painted the birdhouse, vase, and sticks (from outside). We picked out some matching books there too.

Owl painted from goodwill and frame from there as well that I painted (no picture in there yet)

All the cute decor. I love that my sister's painting is the focal point :)

His white crib with the blanket that my grandma Moggie made before she passed away.

His outfit that we'll be taking him home from the hospital in. So crazy that I'll have a baby in those soon!

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  1. I love seeing nurseries that aren't BLUE BLUE BLUE! or PINK PINK PINK! And babies dressed in dark colors are so cute. Love all the thrifted finds and personal touches, too!